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    LZW Lite

    A tiny, text-based LZW implementation for JS with built-in optimizations. Useful for IndexDB storage with minimal overhead.

    Why you should use lzw-lite

    1. Uses native TextEncoder/TextDecoder and Uint8Arrays which makes it input-agnostic
    2. Full support for unicode/emoji character range
    3. Utilizes a dynamic bit size optimization to squeeze out a few extra bytes

    Getting started

    npm i lzw-lite
    import {compress, decompress} from "lzw-lite"; 
    /** Convert string -> Uint8Array to store in IndexDB */
    const mystringToCompress = "insert string here"; 
    const compressed: Uint8Array = compress(mystringToCompress);
    /** Convert Uint8Array -> string to get original value back */
    const myOriginalString = decompress(compressed);

    A note on compilation targets

    For optimal bundle size, lzw-lite is compiled with target ESNext. The package.json exposes both a type module (preffered) and type UMD export. If your target does not support the given ESM features, you will have to recompile/polyfill with your own bundler.

    Missing Optimizations/Problems

    1. Dictionary resets for large files
    2. For large files (~1GB+), there is a chance that the dictionary will exceed 2 ** 31 which will cause an overflow in bit-shift operations.
    3. TLDR: do not use the library with large files as it has not been optimized for this use-case.

    Note on future use

    Eventually, the CompressionStream and DecompressionStream API from Google will hopefully land in most browsers which will provide a native GZIP library in the browser.

    For now, the API's are only avaliable on latest Chrome versions and there are no plans from other browsers (so far) to support them.

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    npm i lzw-lite

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