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LXC Driver

Nodejs Linux LXC wrapper utility functions in Object Interface model . This library is utilizing the lxc commands (such as lxc-start,lxc-clone,lxc-create etc.)

Supported functions:


  1. Create a VM Object Vm = require('lxcdriver') vmobject = new VM

Object Functions: 2. Create a VM 3. Clone the VM 4. Start the VM 5. Stop the VM 6. Destroy the VM 7. Get the Running Status of the VM 8. Write a File inside the VM 9. Append a File inside the VM 10. Delete a File inside the VM 11. Add a Ethernet Interface to the VM

Example Program

Below example is written in coffeescript. It just indicate example to demonstrate the functionality. It cannot execute as it is.

Vm = require('lxcdriver')

vm_name = "vm1"

#create a vm object
vmobj = new Vm vm_name
#create a VM
vmobj.create "ubuntu",(result)->
    console.log "result", result
#start the VM
vmobj.start (result)->
    console.log "start result",result
#stop the VM
vmobj.stop (result)->
    console.log "stop result",result
#destroy the VM
vmobj.destroy (result)->
    console.log "destroy result ",result

This driver is used in Kaanalnet application to manage linux bridge, https://github.com/sureshkvl/kaanalnet/blob/master/src/builder/vmCtrl.coffee


npm i lxcdriver

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