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A complete, 3D L-Systems implementation in JavaScript. Generates trees by production rules and draws by converting to cartesian coordinates.


var lsys = new LSystem('F', { 'F' : 'F-F+FF' }).iterate(2);
var tree = lsys.print();
console.log(tree);  // F-F+FF-F-F+FF+F-F+FFF-F+FF 
var coords = lsys.draw(Math.PI / 2);  // draw tree with alpha as 90 degrees 
console.log(coords);  // [[0,0,0], [0,1,0], [1,1,0], ... 


An L-system is a formal grammar defined as an initial axiom string, and a set of production rules. In the aforementioned example, F is the initial axiom, and only one production rule exists: F -> F-F+FF. The grammar alphabet is assumed to be all characters with a production rule mapping.


  • F: draw and move one unit vector forward
  • +/-: turn right / left
  • &/^: pitch up / down
  • </>: roll right / left
  • |: reverse vector direction
  • [/]: push / pop current tree state


For more info and examples, check out