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    LineRate compatible AWS SDK for JavaScript

    For use with LineRate v2.6.0 and below

    This npm module modifies the official AWS SDK to allow compatibility with the F5 LineRate scripting engine. It is intended for use with the LineRate node.js scripting engine to provide AWS-SDK functionality.

    Release Notes

    aws-sdk release notes can be found at lr-aws-sdk specific modifications are as follows:

    • 'domain' functionality has been disabled
    • 'http.request.setTimeout' in 'AWS.NodeHttpClient' has been disabled


    In Node.js

    The preferred way to install the AWS SDK for Node.js is to use the npm package manager for Node.js. Simply type the following into a terminal window:

    npm install lr-aws-sdk

    Usage and Getting Started

    You can find a getting started guide at:

    Supported Services

    Note: A list of services in the hosted build are provided in the "Working With Services" section of the browser SDK guide, including instructions on how to build a custom version of the SDK with extra services.

    The SDK currently supports the following services:

    Service Name Class Name API Version
    Amazon CloudFrontAWS.CloudFront2014-10-21
    Amazon CloudSearchAWS.CloudSearch2013-01-01
    Amazon CloudSearch DomainAWS.CloudSearchDomain2013-01-01
    Amazon CloudWatchAWS.CloudWatch2010-08-01
    Amazon CloudWatch LogsAWS.CloudWatchLogs2014-03-28
    Amazon Cognito IdentityAWS.CognitoIdentity2014-06-30
    Amazon Cognito SyncAWS.CognitoSync2014-06-30
    Amazon DynamoDBAWS.DynamoDB2012-08-10
    Amazon Elastic Compute CloudAWS.EC22014-10-01
    Amazon Elastic MapReduceAWS.EMR2009-03-31
    Amazon Elastic TranscoderAWS.ElasticTranscoder2012-09-25
    Amazon ElastiCacheAWS.ElastiCache2014-09-30
    Amazon GlacierAWS.Glacier2012-06-01
    Amazon KinesisAWS.Kinesis2013-12-02
    Amazon RedshiftAWS.Redshift2012-12-01
    Amazon Relational Database ServiceAWS.RDS2014-09-01
    Amazon Route 53AWS.Route532013-04-01
    Amazon Route 53 DomainsAWS.Route53Domains2014-05-15
    Amazon Simple Email ServiceAWS.SES2010-12-01
    Amazon Simple Notification ServiceAWS.SNS2010-03-31
    Amazon Simple Queue ServiceAWS.SQS2012-11-05
    Amazon Simple Storage ServiceAWS.S32006-03-01
    Amazon Simple Workflow ServiceAWS.SWF2012-01-25
    Amazon SimpleDBAWS.SimpleDB2009-04-15
    Auto ScalingAWS.AutoScaling2011-01-01
    AWS CloudFormationAWS.CloudFormation2010-05-15
    AWS CloudTrailAWS.CloudTrail2013-11-01
    AWS CodeDeployAWS.CodeDeploy2014-10-06
    AWS ConfigAWS.ConfigService2014-11-12
    AWS Data PipelineAWS.DataPipeline2012-10-29
    AWS Direct ConnectAWS.DirectConnect2012-10-25
    AWS Elastic BeanstalkAWS.ElasticBeanstalk2010-12-01
    AWS Identity and Access ManagementAWS.IAM2010-05-08
    AWS Import/ExportAWS.ImportExport2010-06-01
    AWS Key Management ServiceAWS.KMS2014-11-01
    AWS LambdaAWS.Lambda2014-11-11
    AWS OpsWorksAWS.OpsWorks2013-02-18
    AWS Security Token ServiceAWS.STS2011-06-15
    AWS Storage GatewayAWS.StorageGateway2013-06-30
    AWS SupportAWS.Support2013-04-15
    Elastic Load BalancingAWS.ELB2012-06-01


    This SDK is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, see LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt for more information.


    npm i lr-aws-sdk

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