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    lpcpanel is a npm package which allows user to control their local computer or laptop using a android application or a web interface.

    You just have to setup it once after that you can access entire filesystem of your local computer or laptop. This package is a key of that application you have to install this package to use that application.

    for download android apk click here or for install it from playstore click here and also you can use it using web interface through this link


    Follow instructions for setup this project for your use.

    • After registration login your account

    • After login you will get home screen

    • Now create machine using create machine button

    • Now press create button

    • Now you can see your machine is create with name MyMachine

    • Now you can see copy icon on MyMachine Tile click on it. It will copy you Machine Id on you clip board.

    • Now you have to setup lpcpanel package on you laptop or pc which you want to control

      npm i -g lpcpanel
    • After installation you have to setup your machine id with this package using this command.
      lpcpanel setup

    You see in this image.

    • Now start lpcpanel server using command
      lpcpanel start

    • Done lpcpanel setup is completed

    Make sure that your laptop is connected to internet.

    • Now open lcaccess app or web app and click on refresh button

    • Now you see the status of MyMachine from offline to Online:ihcoeupwiewh8fy8ewyfuh

    You can see in this image.

    • Now press on MyMachine and control you pc or laptop


    • used for controle file system of local computer or laptop
    • Create Folder/File
    • Delete Folder/File
    • Copy Folder/File
    • Move Folder/File
    • Rename Folder/File


    • [ ] File/Folder download api integration
    • [ ] Public File/Folder Download/Upload link generator api
    • [ ] File/Folder Upload api integration

    Tech Stack

    Client: Flutter, Getx, http, etc

    Server: Node, Express, pm2, etc


    Here are some related projects source code of user-interface lc-manager this project used as client-side of lpcpanel lc-manager

    source code of server of lpcpanel which manager all events lpc_server


    npm i lpcpanel

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