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LoopBack Workspace 3.0


The loopback-workspace module provides node.js and REST APIs for interacting with a set of loopback components. Components are organized in the following basic directory structure:


Each component has the following basic structure:




The loopback-workspace itself is a loopback component. The following will load the workspace in the current working directory (process.cwd()).

// workspace is a loopback `app` object 
var workspace = require('loopback-workspace');

Custom Workspace Directory

To start the workspace in a specific directory, specify the WORKSPACE_DIR env variable.


In order to use the REST api, mount the app on an existing express app or call workspace.listen(PORT).


To run end-to-end tests, you will need a local MySQL instance.

Run node test/helpers/setup-mysql.js to create a test database and a test user. This is a one-time task to run only once when setting up your development environment.

Use the npm test command to run the tests.