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    LoopBack iOS SDK

    StrongLoop Labs

    StrongLoop Labs projects provide early access to advanced or experimental functionality. In general, these projects may lack usability, completeness, documentation, and robustness, and may be outdated. However, StrongLoop supports these projects: Paying customers can open issues using the StrongLoop customer support system (Zendesk), and community users can report bugs on GitHub.

    The LoopBack iOS SDK obviates the need for using the clunky NSURLRequest and similar interfaces to interact with a LoopBack-based backend, albeit RESTful. Instead, interact with your Models and Data Sources in a comfortable, first-class, native manner.

    See LoopBack iOS SDK for API reference documentation.

    This section describes v1.1 version of the LoopBack iOS SDK. The following API changes were made:

    • LBModelPrototype was renamed to LBModelRepository
    • findWithId was renamed to findById

    See also the official iOS SDK documentation.


    npm i loopback-sdk-ios

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