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    LoopBack AngularJS SDK

    ⚠️ LoopBack 3 is in Maintenance LTS mode, only critical bugs and critical security fixes will be provided. (See Module Long Term Support Policy below.)

    We urge all LoopBack 3 users to migrate their applications to LoopBack 4 as soon as possible. Refer to our Migration Guide for more information on how to upgrade.


    The JavaScript AngularJS SDK provides an API based on ngResource.$resource that enable your AngularJS app to access a LoopBack server application.

    The client is dynamic, in other words it automatically includes all the LoopBack models and methods you've defined on your server. You don't have to manually write any static code.

    See the official LoopBack AngularJS SDK documentation for more information.

    Mailing List

    Discuss features and ask questions on LoopBack Forum.

    Module Long Term Support Policy

    This module adopts the Module Long Term Support (LTS) policy, with the following End Of Life (EOL) dates:

    Version Status Published EOL
    3.x Maintenance LTS Nov 2016 Dec 2020
    1.x End-of-Life Jul 2014 Apr 2019

    Learn more about our LTS plan in the docs.


    npm i loopback-sdk-angular

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