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LoopBack Push Notification Component

NOTE: The loopback-component-push module supersedes loopback-push-notification. Please update your package.json accordingly.

This module provides a set of LoopBack models to enable mobile device push notifications.

Please see the full documentation: Creating push notifications.



Key Components

  • Device model and APIs to manage devices with applications and users
  • Application model to provide push settings for device types such as ios and android
  • Notification model to capture notification messages and persist scheduled notifications
  • Optional Job to take scheduled notification requests
  • Push connector that interact with device registration records and push providers such as APNS, GCM, and MPNS.
  • Push model to provide high level APIs for device-independent push notifications


Node.js server

An example LoopBack server application is provided. To run

To run it:

cd example/server
node app

Open your browser to

By default, the app uses an in-memory store for the application/installation data. To change to a MongoDB instance, set the MONGODB environment variable to the MongoDB URL. For example,

MONGODB=mongodb://localhost/demo node app

iOS client

The iOS example app uses LoopBack the LoopBack iOS SDK to enable and handle push notifications.

Android client

The Android example app uses LoopBack Android SDK to enable and handle push notifications.