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Loopback connector for RethinkDB.


In your application root directory, enter this command to install the connector:

npm install loopback-connector-rethinkdb --save

This installs the module from npm and adds it as a dependency to the application's package.json file.

Creating a RethinkDB data source

Add an entry in the application's /server/datasources.json :

"mydb": {
  "url":  ""
  "connector": "rethinkdb"  

Edit datasources.json to add any other additional properties that you require.

Connection properties

Property Type   Description
connector String Connector name, “loopback-connector-rethinkdb”
url String Full connection url. Overrides other connection settings
database String Database name
host String Database host name
password String Password to connect to database
port Number Database TCP port
username String Username to connect to database

Additional properties

You can specify an 'additionalSettings' property:

  "ssl": {
    "ca": "${RETHINKDB_SSL}"

RETHINKDB_SSL contains the base64encoded SSL cert.


The connector has support for RethinkDB changefeeds. You can access to the functionality by doing:

ModelName.dataSource.connector.changeFeed(Model.modelName, filter, options);

The filter parameter is the standard loopback filtering object. The options parameter can have a throttle property, specified in milliseconds. Disabled by default.

PS: If a change happens, the changefeed function will return the entire results set. Delta results are on the roadmap