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    Just another social sharing plugin. Yeah o.O ... but here are the pros!

    • It is realy realy lightweight. (You only need a css and js file)
    • It is responsive.
    • Customizable link button CSS and template.
    • It works as stand-alone. No jQuery or other libs needed.
    • It respects the users privacy.
    • Any additional JavaScript and CSS code is optional.
    • Supported networks

    Responsive showcase

    Responsive showcase


    • npm install look-at-this or bower install look-at-this
    • Import the assets
    • Add a container for the icons called #social-icons

    Take a look at examples at

    Config networks order and visibility

    To get an overview an available list is stored in window.socialIcons.networks (Array of string).
    Simply set up a "data-networks" attribute at the #social-icons container to define order and visibilty of share buttons. For example data-networks="email,googleplus,facebook,github,hackernews"

    Change share url, title and so on?

    By default the settings are stored like this. Each property can be a function.

        // default configuration
        if (!window.socialIcons.setup){
            window.socialIcons.setup = {
                title 	: document.title,
                url 	: location.href,
                subject : "Look at this my friend",
                body 	: function(){
                    return "Take a look at this website. It is awesome! " + window.socialIcons.setup.url;

    So you can set them to what you need. This informations are masked per social network in the url property at .scream.js for library build. The buildjob bundles them to window.socialIcons.list.

    Custom style

    There are only two CSS classes to style button layout .social-share-button and .social-icon.

    Custom Template

    The output of share buttons are base on a simple template. If you need a custom template add a script block like the following to your HTML code.

        <script type="text/html" id="social_icon_template">
          <% for ( var i = 0; i < icons.length; i++ ) { %>
            <a class="social-share-button" href="#share/<%=icons[i].name%>" target="_blank">
          <div class="social-icon social-icon-<%=icons[i].name%>"></div>
          <% } %>


    • Fork it!
    • Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
    • Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
    • Run the tests: npm test
    • Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
    • Submit a pull request :D

    How to add a brand?

    • Install
    • Add a file to /ico folder
    • Add the file entry to /ico/.scream.js
    • execute scream .scream.js --build
    • execute node bundle.js
    • execute grunt build
    • execute npm test

    Should I add a brand?

    Indeed! You can help to make this repo a place containing a well equipped list of share links for social networks.


    MIT and GPL


    In short, the used logos are registered trademarks and represent only the Companies. They should not be used to represent your products. You may also read the official legal terms of each company.


    Icon Pack by Dan Leech at Simple Icons




    npm i look-at-this

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