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LoginLlama API Client

This TypeScript module provides an interface to interact with the LoginLlama API, which offers login status checks for users based on various parameters.

Sign up for free at loginllama.app.


Install via NPM. Requires Node.js 18 or higher (as we use the Fetch API)

npm i -s loginllama


First, import the necessary classes and types:

import { LoginLlama } from "loginllama";


To initialize the LoginLlama class, you can either provide an API token directly or set it in the environment variable LOGINLLAMA_API_KEY.

const loginllama = new LoginLlama("YOUR_API_TOKEN");

Or, if using the environment variable of LOGINLLAMA_API_KEY:

const loginllama = new LoginLlama();
// Pulls from the environment variable LOGINLLAMA_API_KEY

Checking Login Status

The primary function provided by this module is check_login, which checks the login status of a user based on various parameters.


  • request (optional): An Express request object. If provided, the IP address and user agent will be extracted from this object.
  • ip_address (optional): The IP address of the user. If not provided and the request object is given, it will be extracted from the request.
  • user_agent (optional): The user agent string of the user. If not provided and the request object is given, it will be extracted from the request.
  • identity_key: The unique identity key for the user. This is a required parameter.

Return Value:

The function returns a promise that resolves to a LoginCheck object. This object contains the result of the login check, including the status, a message, and any applicable codes indicating the reason for the status.


Using IP address and user agent directly:

const loginCheckResult = await loginLlama.check_login({
  ip_address: "",
  user_agent: "Mozilla/5.0",
  identity_key: "user123",

Using an Express request object:

const loginCheckResult = await loginLlama.check_login({
  request: req,
  identity_key: "user123",

Error Handling

The check_login function will throw errors if any of the required parameters (ip_address, user_agent, or identity_key) are missing (if request is not provided).

API Endpoint

The default API endpoint used by this module is https://loginllama.app/api/v1.

Login Status Codes

The module provides an enumeration LoginCheckStatus that lists various possible status codes returned by the LoginLlama API, such as VALID, IP_ADDRESS_SUSPICIOUS, KNOWN_BOT, etc.


If you find any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please open an issue or submit a pull request. Your contributions are welcome!


This module is licensed under the GNU GPL V3 License.



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