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Logical gates defined as simple functions

Logical gates (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR, NOT) made available as functions for ease of use in functional programming styles. An example, reducing an array to a single boolean value:

var gates = requrie('logic-gates');
[true, true, true].reduce(gates.and);  // true 
[true, false, true].reduce(gates.and);  // false 
[false, false, false].reduce(gates.and);  // false 


$ npm install [--save] logic-gates


The defined logical gate methods are fast, accurate, and work on any type of input.

var gates = require('logic-gates');
gates.and(true, false);  // false 
gates.nand(true, false);  // true 
gates.not.and(true, false);  // true 
gates.or(true, false);  // true 
gates.nor(true, false);  // false 
gates.not.or(true, false);  // false 
gates.xor(true, false);  // true 
gates.xnor(true, false);  // false 
gates.not.xor(true, false);  // false 
gates.not(true);  // false 
gates.not(false);  // true