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    MongoDB Logger

    A powerfull mongoDB logger package


    npm install logger-mongodb

    Why MongoDB Logger is powerful?

    • most of logging packages log messages as a string and most of messages contains alot of information that need to be organized, it mean what if we can log our message as an object of keys and values. It would be great !!.

    • That's it mongodb logger enables you to log not only your message but also your total document as an object, that's awesome isn't it, and you can also log your document as a message if you want.

    • mongo logger is suitable for distributed systems, it means you can log into many DBs with many collections.

    ## How to use ?

    mongodb logger has two ways to use

    ### 1- use mongoDB logger as a middleware

    1- import mongoDB logger into your app

    var MongoLogger=require('logger-mongodb');

    or import * as MongoLogger from 'logger-mongodb'

    2- register Mongologger as middleware logger

    var logger=new MongoLogger('<dbUrl>','<dbCollectionName>')
         if(res.statusCode == 200){
             var logDoc={
                 statusCode: res.statusCode,
                 // and all the other fields
         // you may add another cases for logging Warn, Error and Debug

    ### 2- use mongodb logger in your api Controller

    1- import mongodb logger into your controller

     var MongoLogger=require('logger-mongodb');
      import * as MongoLogger from 'logger-mongodb'

    3- initialize your logger

     var logger=new MongoLogger('<dbUrl>','<dbCollectionName>')

    2- use MongoLogger into you api

    // create your own api doc
      var Doc ={
          statusCode: 200,
          apiId : 1,
          apiName: '<your Api Name>',
          message : 'message'


    • logger-mongodb uses currently mongodb 2.2.33 so dbUrl should be mongodb://

    ## Change log You can take a look at the change log here


    npm i logger-mongodb

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