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log4js-tagline is an extension of the node logging package log4js. Tags can be created and used independently or in combination with other tags; the output can be directed to both a local file, console, datadog, combinations of both on the fly or none. Each tag itteration is incremented.

Included object processing:

  • queueObj - Support for dynamic objects with all the tagline appenders
  • queueJson - depreciated. All appenders have been moved into queueObj. See the example tests.

Included tag appenders:

  • route - to display path or service name
  • line - displays file name and line number
  • action - displays action name
  • stopwatch - displays time elapsed for a particular tag.
  • counter - displays counts applied to a tag.
  • error - displays an error message from the try/catch block along with the class/function if available from the stack, or simply display an error message.
  • class_function - display the class and function name.
  • display - ability to turn tags on or off
  • counter - count how many itterations a tag has been inputted to. Helpfull in turning tags on/off.
  • datadog - for metrics including increment, incrementBy, gauge, histogram, and set.
  • email - Appenders and cron settings allows flexible email delivery options


npm install log4js-tagline

Mocha Test

npm test

General Setup Tests.

All tests starting with the letter test_q... are examples of queueObj. The letters beginning with test_qj... indicate queueObj Json samples.

npm run test_basic
npm run test_qAll    
npm run test_qTopOne
npm run test_qBottomOne
npm run test_qFuncAll
npm run test_qStatusMatching
npm run test_qNonStatusMatching
npm run test_qVersionMatching
npm run test_qVersionNonMatching
npm run test_qNameMatching
npm run test_qNameNonMatching
npm run test_qjAll
npm run test_qjTopOne
npm run test_qjBottomOne
npm run test_qjFuncAll
npm run test_qjStatusMatching
npm run test_qjStatusNonMatching
npm run test_qjNameMatching
npm run test_qjNameNonMatching
npm run test_qjVersionMatching
npm run test_qjVersionNonMatching

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