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    A lightweight module to log objects as rows

    Example of log-row

    This utility module exports two methods logRow(settings) for logging unstructured data as rows, and createTimer(autoStart) to capture time durations.


    npm install log-row --save-dev


    This method returns a function that takes one argument and formats the object based on the settings provided. See usage below.


    const { logRow } = require("log-row");
    const row = logRow({
      missingKeys: "None",
      defaultAlign: "right",
      separator: "  :  ",
      columns: [
        { key: "foobar", label: "Foo", width: 6, truncate: true },
        { key: "animal", label: "Animal", width: 8, align: "left" },
        { key: "fruit", label: "Fruit", width: 8, pad: "·" }
    console.log(row({ animal: "Cat", fruit: "Peach" }));
    console.log(row({ animal: "Dog", fruit: "Apple", foobar: "hello world!" }));

    The above usage will log the following.

    Foo  :  Foo   None  :  Animal Cat       :  Fruit ···Peach
    Foo  :  Foo world!  :  Animal Dog       :  Fruit ···Apple


    The logRow method returns a function, which when called will format the object passed in as a string using the column setting provided as below. The following also shows the defaults for each property.

    const row = logRow({
      separator: " | ",
      missingKeys: null, // if set to string then all missing keys will be
                         // displayed with set value
      defaultAlign: "right",
      columns: [
        "foo" // each column entry can be string or object
              // strings will be printed as is
          key: "foo.bar",  // path from where to get the value on the object
          label: "FooBar", // is not provided key will be used as label,
                           // if set to null no label will be displayed
          width: 5,        // if provided column will be aligned
                           // to specified characters
          align: "right",  // defaults to the value specified for defaultAlign
          pad: " ",        // when width and align is specified the pad string
                           // will be used for alignment
          truncate: false  // value will be truncated to fit column
                           // width is set to true
        // sepcify more columns here...

    createTimer(autoStart = true)

    This utility measures time. The autoStart (defaults to true) determines if the timer shoould start measuring as soon as initialized. The timer can be started and stopped multiple times by calling start or stop on the object returned. The object will measure only the running time.


    const { createTimer } = require("log-row");
    async function foo() {
      const duration = createTimer(true); // timer started
      await someAsyncOp(); // takes 100ms
      await someOtherAsyncOp(); // takes 200ms
      await someAsyncOp(); // takes 400ms
      console.log(`someAsyncOp took ${duration}ms`); // logs "someAsyncOp took 500ms"


    npm i log-row

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