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log-group manages logs in groups


npm install log-group

Import this function in CoffeeScript:

= require("../lib/").g
g.attrs =
  default: yes
  none: no
"default""default log"
"none""no log"
g.set "demo"on
"demo""when on"
g.set "demo"off
"demo""when off"
"another""not implemented"

Or you may read the source, although it's too short:

= (name, args...) ->
  if g.attrs[name]?
    if g.attrs[namethen console.log args...
    console.log ":::#{name}::: is not implemented in log-group"
g.attrs = {}
g.set = (name, status) -> g.attrs[name= status
exports.g = g

What I want

Suppose you are debugging Node, whose main tool is console.log.
After debugging, you should comment out all logs.
Doing that by hand is trival(?), so use a function to manage it.