The modern build of lodash modular utilities.

lodash v3.10.1

The modern build of lodash exported as Node.js/io.js modules.

Generated using lodash-cli:

$ lodash modularize modern exports=node -o ./
$ lodash modern -d -o ./index.js

Using npm:

$ {sudo -H} npm i -g npm
$ npm i --save lodash

In Node.js/io.js:

// load the modern build 
var _ = require('lodash');
// or a method category 
var array = require('lodash/array');
// or a method (great for smaller builds with browserify/webpack) 
var chunk = require('lodash/array/chunk');

See the package source for more details.

Don’t assign values to the special variable _ when in the REPL.
Install n_ for a REPL that includes lodash by default.

lodash is also available in a variety of other builds & module formats.

Tested in Chrome 43-44, Firefox 38-39, IE 6-11, MS Edge, Safari 5-8, ChakraNode 0.12.2, io.js 2.5.0, Node.js 0.8.28, 0.10.40, & 0.12.7, PhantomJS 1.9.8, RingoJS 0.11, & Rhino 1.7.6. Automated browser & CI test runs are available. Special thanks to Sauce Labs for providing automated browser testing.