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YUI modules compiler for locator.

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This component can be integrated with Locator component from Yahoo! to shift YUI' modules and generate YUI Loader metadata. The compiled modules could be used on the server and client thru express-yui.


Install using npm:

$ npm install locator-yui

By installing the module in your express application folder, you should be able to use it thru Locator.


Integration with locator

You can create an instance of the plugin and plug it into the locator instance, and locator will be able to analyze every file in your express app, and it will analyze any *.js or *.json, trying to shift them using shifter to generate the production version of those modules. It also generate metadata for YUI Loader, this metadata comes in two flavors, bundleObj.yui.server and bundleObj.yui.client, and these two structures will hold the modules structure that you can pass into YUI Loader to load those in corresponding runtime.

It also generate a meta module into the filesystem, this metada is denotated by loader-<bundle-name> as the module name, and it can be loaded from the client side as part of the YUI core collection to provision the modules information into the loader to load any of the compiled modules.

The example below describes how to use the plugin with locator:

var Locator = require('locator'),
    LocatorYUI = require('locator-yui'),
    loc = new Locator();

// using locator-yui plugin
loc.plug(new LocatorYUI());

// walking the filesystem for an express app
loc.parseBundle(__dirname, {});

Integration with express and express-yui

You can try a working example here:


This example explores how to use locator-yui on the server side with express and express-yui, while using yui on the client side as a medium to load the compiled modules on demand.


A configuration object can be passed into the constructure to tweak the way the plugin works.

Properties that may be used include:

  • cache - Whether or not the shifting process should be cached to speed up the build process. By default, it is true.
  • args - array with custom shifter cli arguments. This will overrule custom options that are translated into shifter arguments.
  • lint - to enable linting in shifter.
  • coverage - to generate -coverage.js version of modules in shifter.
  • silent - to run shifter in silent mode.
  • quiet - to run shifter in quiet mode.
  • cssproc - loader base value to preprocess css to readjust urls for assets to resolve with base for the corresponding bundle build directory to make them work with combo.
  • filter - regex or function to execute for each evt.files. If no filter is supplied, all modified files will be shifted.

Here is an example:

// using locator-yui plugin
loc.plug(new LocatorYUI({
    lint: true,
    cssproc: "http://company-cdn.com/path/to/locator/build/folder"

Compiling to YUI modules for client side

Optionally, if you plan to use the templates on the client side, you can specify format: "yui", and any yui template will be accessible thru YUI as a regular yui module. Here is an example of how to use them from the client side:

<script src="http://yui.yahooapis.com/3.12.0/build/yui/yui-debug.js"></script>
<script src="/static/path/to/locator/build/folder/<package-name>-<version>/loader-<package-name>.js"></script>
YUI.Env.core.push('loader-<package-name>'); // making the meta module part of the yui core
    "groups": {
        "<package-name>": {
            base: "/static/path/to/locator/build/folder/"
}).use('any-module-in-my-app', 'compiled-by-locator-yui', function (Y) {

    // and that it all!


In the example above, the <package-name> is the package name specified in the package.json for the npm package that contains the template, which is usually the express application, the same for <version>. Then, the configuring the <package-name> as a custom group of modules, specifying from where those modules should be loaded, and using the meta module that was added to YUI.Env.core to take care of the dependencies, requirements, lang, assets, etc.


This software is free to use under the Yahoo! Inc. BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.


See the CONTRIBUTING file for info.

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