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Abstract base class for Lively live-streaming database implementations.

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This module is installed via npm:

$ npm install livelydb


This is a base class that gets extended by database implementations that wish to be able to synchronize a remote database with a local javascript object using the Lively framework.

For an example, check out MemLively.

The intention is for implementations of levelup and even SQL-based servers to be able to synchronize their data live, in real-time to a local javascript object in both directions.




livelydb.get(key, callback)

Retrieve the object stored in the database pointed to by the key.

The callback will be called with an error, and the data as the second argument.

livelydb.put(key, value, callback)

Puts the object value into the database, referenced by the key key.

livelydb.del(key, callback)

Delets the object from the database, referenced by the key key.