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Livecoin TCP

Here I am working on a tcp proxy that is a drop in replacement for the Livecoin npm module that I recently released. It uses zeromq to connect to the client that has the same api as the other module that I released and it has a function that is rate limited for the two levels of api requests. I haven't tested this alot, but it seems to be working. Please let me know if there are any issues.


Livecoin is interesting, its interface isn't as slick as GDAX but you have more access to altcoins that you do on GDAX, so I suppose that there are tradeoffs. I have only used Livecoin for a day or two, so I may have more feedback and criticism in the coming days, but for now I am fascinated by all of the different altcoins that exist, hopefully I don't lose all of the bitcoins I sent over there.

Here is an incomplete list of all of the different currencies that you can purchase and trade on Livecoin and there is also an address accompanying them where you can send a donation to me for putting together this open source library if you feel so inclined. If you don't want to send me your hard earned coins, then click the referral link as you signup. Much appreciated.

  • LTC: LXLfDdpxLcPZVw1mX33CaSuVim9ax4fHQ2
  • EMC: EeZYNaSjFZnid4P51bVymnioeLf19bwi3X
  • DASH: Xx6UiFG7nKiPnhNo4dpgdBRdi2jZfBvutN
  • DOGE: DQCjiuyFYtqAjVsdvVKhNKA2rsmGbxt3M4
  • MONA: MVJo7RWdKdfcXRkYRjAQ1vMBLv33G1uh9T
  • PPC: PVzp2y14sXyzcbSyYppzSYi7VSKkjReqm6
  • NMC: NHz15e7CjzbNAJ2iUZq2zAtkbvYvgZEBRo
  • CURE: BRriVi4Ra85i5bGNpEqRtnYWcJbTUZYr5K
  • ETH: 0x7eeee742374b979dd7fec1b165dc373a0d58952b
  • RBIES: RWgpxWVWRSJNhm9QfvVasB53dxcUJ8bNsT
  • ADZ: 9RAhaAZz2DmKzRZwh9AqUABaTnJjwdngpY
  • MOJO: MNSqG3BZi9t2ttbNq97Hf64Zv4NcLBYbm2
  • BSD: iKv57uFeQUYMFmmyQFYRLpBqjVkAeyz8zt
  • SXC: SEsrMjLAaWT9cd3qgAehVysYqia2JyMMYZ
  • BTA: BC9rnA8pZU9VdunJENnCuoLXyZf9GAtmD2
  • VOX: VBqDMdwwiENEhPLBvkuYa7FmpaN5zMge4h
  • CRBIT: 0x1d255739fd4fcea075ad2f41e77c01ae365bf63a
  • SHIFT: 1151151151832637526S
  • YOC: YU9T5pFt8XGzVx18RkmgbhXKd1mqWRkoen
  • CREVA: CMtT62PRTabVQJ1xSqPVP8iN7iwqa8CaJa
  • LSK: 1151151151832637526L
  • HNC: LcAWhAeCNWnyHFbqXhRX96CMA97nbitcK5
  • MOIN: MsYPQsb5T6BH42qzhAzq8mpPF1NG2sM1Zq
  • BLU: BeEU5JFaDNqWyhTtw1ErLATDHkC3y7BmnP
  • LEO: 8X5KjZ43WNQmBYxKfxWX6JyUHDyojhWHda
  • GAME: GWRFMhnwFU2aUSEUC67MKEcnvpWbmgEGfd
  • BLK: B9YhFk9LW75udmdjuF7JKoTQiVUQ9BfV8d
  • SYS: Se4tJ46LidsfkdvdqqfrgSHx1JiMCpG1nD
  • DGB: DDGZzwboo7WgpCfhxPnKPsS6WhWtBaKtn6
  • SLR: 8do8eG5hEYDccwf1Wv4DjXPPKVU5c3ThzV
  • DBIX: 0x525d66d5423ec74f68f8f63fcf9aefefede51df8
  • GB: GWF6D8PLyxorkcwK14yzRCeVBojKQSW6oh
  • VRM: VUX9iotSj7vqgfRJUYJt62bcAtoA86hHhA
  • ENT: EP5YMVLyxazAyJ5261LRsA8Sdu6sZfAsNB
  • POST: PXPL9b9L6qmfaFcazCyNL6XgL97eNiJSVS
  • ARC: Af5EGC2ekRG2qXn9nHcKT2wBgsQLpUUV2L
  • GYC: GWDhJ9BiCjhyXnu8mm7NdsKiJgpGza7p6M
  • DMC: 1DZnj8QsFfRHrTk3Yah7UkyCFRs2Qsh8j
  • OD: 0x9d3619ee5cb5a5eb2698313f9712f41d11e9a2a6
  • XAUR: 0x5d3baee0bbe820fd8ad15fddbd9d153f81ecbec3
  • DOLLAR: DDfno9VPzb4SVm8wm2ixsCQFTVCDfepoYn
  • FRST: FFru5axWPP1yZNnDEGoHN7eeExEXog6CjY
  • UNC: UmEzccdFE7x1a3hQU4bDp9ubhHbuvAJZZP
  • VLTC: VUzaTb6a4Dw82NoysB625eSoSf8kUktSB2
  • BPC: 0x1ada3bf4e9ab72f24faaa0ab449c7959b576fe59
  • PRES: 1inndBFsJPZWfhM6Hq2HL6zdicwUEjqDq
  • ICN: 0x1ce9bf1615fc273a2ae66b3c4762dc61510459c9
  • NVC: 4KGXEL9915QaNfETQaRcwvMV4p92mtWH74
  • ABN: BN6z8YqH9rocZoKmdYaR17ASXDhHpjNgKc
  • BCC: 8YcNWWUfxPpgHzwSQLZmTdKhawKwo7jfpN
  • LUNA: LKtgLmVZnFQdc8Uxse128CCcuQ4wmFV3ix
  • ZBC: DTR6655zWAp7KdTCDSgrS6dSCM37xx2edg
  • MSCN: sb6he2FKaSUpV6ZH9npic7ekprbZFPw9U3
  • POSW: P9bPHzQA3gyaFLPEH6pe76h3Ncap7FDnq4
  • TIME: 0xd379f96ed7476f0acc9cb470a4d1d6fb21b3041f
  • TAAS: 0x1d5db7af831d390267451f7355043a065efb684e
  • SOAR: 0xa08a0bb1f0a11ba7d65baa01fbfaea8a5391bac8
  • PIVX: DCcpWoQXnQZs33pALeVAhkY6WCpwMd61us
  • WINGS: 0x961de1aa2a41d72e80dc10e5b15586fde03062ab
  • GUP: 0x1013fb736704a12a965d6e4999c436b50babc1be
  • MNE: 0xbe5e5bade937aa03018d4ae08f8a2d212818c4b3
  • TFL: 0x410fda7991b38ae8e224d7484d523bd056b9730b
  • UNRC: RTPCiNjs43EmRvZ24pC3uzkyyigg2HuedN
  • RLT: 0xbed587e2414e8203623212a9dc0ac18f6c009a70
  • UNY: 0xffa928f0a4e04cc2f4a109bc862f12873da4a248
  • FORTYTWO: 4MuN2Nz1sc8PRCVMmL4ayEttaCTtp2gacm
  • INSN: iLbULG8R36mcGs42szTA7nqranwezX9Quc
  • QAU: 0xe8d4498afbe5a2aceb9ea04a095c219905c9eb12
  • TRUMP: TCJx1vqNn8rdXebWcRHbKTiraPEysSMpY9
  • MCO: 0xc5bf6466b4bf8fbdf13e135eac12bc6ea295a06b
  • VOISE: 0x85efe5fe5501dbce46f241f80576fc3a6c3db4f1
  • ASAFE2: AGB7PuVj3J9jkcR1ttEceFpbUqDoGrNv2B
  • PLBT: 0x929d30f45b0c7c848d187ec8d8135e6d35399c21
  • BCH: 1HkD9GGHD9mYdQEvTiryKQcsNcYP1Stzt
  • FU: 0xd11a523136fd9a63232a5adb5687c18e83ab7ff9
  • WIC: 0xba6af4abb7ad642ff0792c8de4fa14370c5f946d
  • PIPL: 0x925ae52a85e661bfe7e3f22d1947117fd9aab3d1
  • HVN: 0xd7e7ade56405e63ba203dcf3ca069696872d82d5
  • XRL: 0xed5f73cd99c40469dc19fc40bcbf5f1fe001cd8f
  • MGO: 0x3d99b87b6211876515e753d8b2875068cda58abf
  • CTR: 0x877d774db4ea778a471e1ae351c4c889d2dd3ab8
  • GRS: FXYt2sYsbhqTYk2b4JgPXoQeZWtpoTQ1o5
  • PRO: 0x858397032d623839f6ac641d83ef0c538fdf7950
  • CPC: Cbgt8svWe8dcJ6eVtykq3iw2GghNFZAMkU
  • wETT: 3PDofRNS7XZsR1Y4swDfYGyEYvWe2u9kghJ
  • eETT: 0x148c9bddf7060525fc5fc6b1e39c5737c9a87a84
  • VIB: 0xa857a5b1278e60ad96c856abd13157bed53fa45c
  • QTUM: QLhdQnjdRAPRf1uarunLJDNRjFqJNo5Lt3
  • OMG: 0x3b126c0e3d4686eb90a84f1e3d7e3feae315aaef
  • PAY: 0x570ee9666f9f4c54f9acb059c3797a25615b2206
  • KNC: 0x36af5a1b4ad4e4702c3da66eb5f6c3dda37da27c
  • GNT: 0x8337aa149175322d05c49f6c1e28f0ff8be1d39b
  • EOS: 0x216aa917fe2ff50fd43f5f97edeec2b8ad274e6b
  • BAT: 0x6abda04d304c2568ff75bcfb8716eecd6516451b
  • REP: 0x76e32b7a3ba739e1a31cc0c7bca50f152369f6d9
  • MTL: 0x00744f5ee2dd56c43672ad598b6b6c52a9610786
  • DGD: 0xbcafb68f813ab5ed7a7dacd8b65f4bebe2377107
  • CVC: 0xc1a512eb58924ad0fb990fb782b9e188ea4ac5bb
  • SNGLS: 0x99086677d9110c5b10d50c501cdfe53927df43e3
  • SNT: 0x006850478e98b6b60a2f2d5ca3b55d2770cdc0e9
  • GNO: 0x80a6d2526a7155f1b769055a11a94cedbce85c81
  • ZRX: 0x9304bd0fe60f73bf994bdb7953c908cdbbd1722c
  • BNT: 0x09b9b8669503fbc37605cd7fb4cc5e986d26e59f
  • FUN: 0x68f2886d4d9d6fba73c7f69db7f1ba4e43c23885
  • EDG: 0xc5796d4e0da83f28a23b9f292078b7f6b097408f
  • ANT: 0xe27fd4a3cf6a51496e9dea1cb6573e53de9ced01
  • ETHOS: 0xaab16daeb7366c41c7b30acfd813fae8f162a353
  • STORJ: 0x0f7adfba474235a8b8923a4c21b6679438c6308e
  • RLC: 0xc688813357ae047e5006277326f37887493e601d
  • TKN: 0xf84c7961c643fa7f6279739a093e92755fbeb810
  • MLN: 0xb40806ce4ca8a55b53cd0e1632cb1e8a45d25788
  • TRST: 0x3655196674222736b9dc1eccdc71e68fdad89d99
  • FirstBlood: 0x436d5c0ce01d6bedfc7a8517439450a52b6f7578
  • NEO: ALfj4YHMJw6hN4Bj3fyLFsC9gfQBJekqJ8
  • BIO: BHD8WfdnrBAitKGE5952EjqXWAA88EL6e3
  • OTN: 0xe10faebc0f2755b9bbc3d61e868a0bc0c70fa98a
  • MNX: XVYGCv6pLjhyz5Xim1Gdz5uamGm9VJ57ia
  • ENJ: 0x6ff4e061550bb590e1c8eb2f0d211a0b14584672
  • DAY: 0xdf18387818b37a9b8215bb2b37723465a708351c
  • ETHP: 0x9b189a8c6462dae8d2742ceea45359de8efe3bbb
  • ATM: 0x04e2d68970764993020eb3b0ab79cff4a1e2ed45
  • OXY: 1151151151832637526X
  • DMD: dbaXxr3mCfpYPhN7JkSjRKkrWxQyDGG9zu
  • CLD: 0x95891a215f7ac328d2270ffeb51f7ee411e17593
  • CDX: 0x3686d9eb26ad70d0f18684242f3cb2ec7cb53017
  • CLPC: 0x46c84665fe6d68c041af545065418ae2645bb180
  • BTB: BK6Hjey91zk4iRv1srCZsaLdTgAqyWb6yY
  • ESP: ENZsakykkDLen7uDPJhuFzeg1BS1T739vK
  • ESC: 3PC3guVeGPWpRy8V9sFPWSTc4JiRvBu2ic3
  • PRG: 0xac1907e9dc2e57e9b10d2c153918879ee6c0f60a
  • AMM: 0x50ff576d4658cb3e3379b52edd9d04ffbe1b2368
  • HST: 0x22d059df25971ac7e9fd63694e5ffbe23b1af7a5
  • ERO: 0xf05e13379627f701d2817358d7f6a9457b9e3b63
  • UQC: 0xb50bb2d674ef9dd930a6cc28dbefea688594be85
  • GRX: 0x0904db29fd56b51600204c10d4f8e0a363dcc7a9
  • ICOS: 0xf1438661737dda39a3ac2140878b4195cfb8cebb
  • FLIXX: 0x2aaf4ad0bbad897230ee46c35866a0c11df2a73f
  • DTR: 0xd9fbecf63381c41a5e27a57fd112bdd608609815
  • EVC: 0x39fcc58f75af9c992e63b0080bcf6c16a346f707
  • SPF: 0x441c6b9ba3e73ac487af6a226c53fa20d35af120
  • B2B: 0x859d6e3b61147425c8386b25872ea49e2666a1c0

I know that that is a little overkill, but I wanted to make a point about how many more currencies are available on Livecoin than there are on GDAX currently. I like GDAX a lot, like I said, don't get me wrong, but there is room for more than GDAX in my currency trading life.


If you'd like to contribute a feature or bugfix: Thanks! To make sure your fix/feature has a high chance of being included, please read the following guidelines:

  1. Post a pull request.
  2. Make sure there are tests! We will not accept any patch that is not tested. It's a rare time when explicit tests aren't needed. If you have questions about writing tests for paperclip, please open a GitHub issue.

And once there are some contributors, then I would like to thank all of the contributors!


It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the MIT-LICENSE file.


© 2018 Scott Ballantyne. See LICENSE for details.


npm i livecoin-tcp

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