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Fast linked list with live iterator. The list can be modified while iterating over the items.

Install with npm

npm install live-list

Browser compatibility

To use this module in a browser, download the npm package and then use Browserify to create a standalone version.


var List = require('live-list').List;
var l = new List();
l.insert(2, 3);
var v, i = l.iterator();
while ((= !== undefined) {

List API

  • length: Reflects the number of items in the list
  • push(value): Appends a value to the list
  • unshift(value): Prepends a value to the list
  • insert(value, before): Inserts a value before another value
  • remove(value): Removes the given value from the list
  • removeAll(): Removes all values from the list
  • toArray(): Returns a new array with all values in the list
  • iterator(): Returns a new Iterator

Iterator API

The iterator is derived from min-iterator and extends the API with these functions:

  • insert(value): Inserts a value into the list before the value returned by the last call to next()
  • remove(): Removes the value from the list that was returned by the last call to next()