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list-methods NPM version

Easily generate a JSON or markdown list (sorted array) of property names of all enumerable properties, own and inherited, of objects that have function values.


Install globally with npm:

npm i -g list-methods



  • src {String}: The file to read.
  • return {Object} Returns an object with the source file name and the array of methods.


As a way of kickstarting documentation, this writes the list of methods to a text file. Lodash templates are used to generate the file, so the output is completely customizable.


methods.writeFile('', 'index.js');
// generates a file, "", using a template in lib/templates.js 


  • dest {String}:
  • src {String}:
  • options {String}:
  • return {String}


Generate a JSON or YAML file from the list of methods. Automatically detects the format to use based on the given file extension.


methods.writeDataFile('api.yml', 'index.js');
// generates a YAML file, "api.yml" using a template in lib/templates.js 
methods.writeDataFile('api.json', 'index.js');
// generates a JSON file, "api.json" using a template in lib/templates.js 


  • dest {String}:
  • src {String}:
  • return {String}

Example output

## writeDataFile
Type: `undefined`
Default: `undefined`
## writeFile
Type: `undefined`
Default: `undefined`


Run the methods command without any arguments and a markdown file will be generated for index.js, or the first javascript file found in the current directory.


If you want to specify the source file to read, or the destination to write to, you can use this format:

methods [src] [dest]


  • -s | --src: reads the specified source file
  • -d | --dest: the destination path and file to write. note that extension is significant

Dest extension:

  • .yml: generates a YAML file
  • .md: generates a markdown file


Methods uses Lo-Dash templates, so they're super fast and easy to extend. There are a couple of ways you can specify the template to use.

Either as a third argument:

methods [src] [dest] [template]

Or with -t or --template:

methods -t docs
built-in templates

There are three built-in templates:

  • list: generates a simple, bullet list of methods
  • docs: generates a formatted markdown file, giving each method its own section with starter content for type and default, etc.
  • yaml: similar to docs, but outputs YAML. this is useful if you want to update and extend this file with other tools, like Verb or Assemble
custom templates

The only context passed to the templates is the array of properties generated. Example:

module.exports = [
  '# <%= %> properties\n\n',
  '<% _.forEach(data, function(fn) { %>',
  '* <%- fn %>\n',
  '<% }); %>'

You can either specify the filepath to the custom template, or the name of a npm module that is installed locally, and methods will try to use it:

methods -t my-template


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright (c) 2014 Jon Schlinkert Released under the MIT license

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