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Get OS release info from the node os module and, for Linux releases, from the '/etc/os-release', /usr/lib/os-release, or /etc/alpine-release file. If none of those files exists it returns only the node os module info (platform, hostname, release, and arch)


  • Lightweight without any dependencies (only native Node modules)
  • Synchronous, callback, or promise - choose how you want to use it.


npm install --save linux-os-info


const osInfo = require('linux-os-info')

// the example presumes running some flavor of linux.

// synchronous - use an options argument with {mode: 'sync'}
var result = osInfo({mode: 'sync'})
console.log(`You are using ${result.pretty_name} on a ${result.arch} machine`)

// asynchronous - pass a function as the mode
osInfo({mode: function (err, result) {
  console.log(`You are using ${result.pretty_name} on a ${result.arch} machine`)

// promise - no arguments or no mode specified
  .then(result => {
    console.log(`You are using ${result.pretty_name} on a ${result.arch} machine`)
  .catch(err => console.error(`Error reading OS release info: ${err}`))

On my machine all three versions output:

You are using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a x64 machine

The API completely changed from version 1. The single, optional argument is an options object.

v1: osInfo({synchronous: true}) v2: osInfo({mode: 'sync'})

v1: osInfo(function (err, data) {...}) v2: osInfo({mode: function (err, data) (...)})

v2 NEVER returns errors (unless there is an internal error). The data object returned now has a file property which holds the file that was read (one of those in the list above). If no file was read it holds an instance of Error. Because node's os information is always returned the file data is considered optional.

Sample outputs

These example outputs are courtesy of Samuel Carreira. His (linux-release-info)[] combined with my wanting a synchronous version were the inspiration for this package.

v2 note: the file property is not shown in these examples.


{ type: 'Linux',
  platform: 'linux',
  hostname: 'VirtualBoxLINUX',
  arch: 'x64',
  release: '4.13.0-32-generic',
  name: 'Ubuntu',
  version: '17.10 (Artful Aardvark)',
  id: 'ubuntu',
  id_like: 'debian',
  pretty_name: 'Ubuntu 17.10',
  version_id: '17.10',
  home_url: '',
  support_url: '',
  bug_report_url: '',
  privacy_policy_url: '',
  version_codename: 'artful',
  ubuntu_codename: 'artful' }

Linux (Raspberry Pi)

{ type: 'Linux',
  platform: 'linux',
  hostname: 'raspberrypi',
  arch: 'arm',
  release: '4.9.59-v7+',
  pretty_name: 'Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)',
  name: 'Raspbian GNU/Linux',
  version_id: '9',
  version: '9 (stretch)',
  id: 'raspbian',
  id_like: 'debian',
  home_url: '',
  support_url: '',
  bug_report_url: '' }

Linux (Fedora)

{ type: 'Linux',
  platform: 'linux',
  hostname: 'localhost-live',
  arch: 'x64',
  release: '4.13.9-300.fc27.x86_64',
  name: 'Fedora',
  version: '27 (Workstation Edition)',
  id: 'fedora',
  version_id: '27',
  pretty_name: 'Fedora 27 (Workstation Edition)',
  ansi_color: '0;34',
  cpe_name: 'cpe:/o:fedoraproject:fedora:27',
  home_url: '',
  support_url: '',
  bug_report_url: '',
  redhat_bugzilla_product: 'Fedora',
  redhat_bugzilla_product_version: '27',
  redhat_support_product: 'Fedora',
  redhat_support_product_version: '27',
  privacy_policy_url: '',
  variant: 'Workstation Edition',
  variant_id: 'workstation' }


{ type: 'Windows_NT',
  platform: 'win32',
  hostname: 'MYPC',
  arch: 'x64',
  release: '10.0.16299' }


{ type: 'Darwin',
  platform: 'darwin',
  hostname: 'Macbook-Air.home',
  arch: 'x64',
  release: '16.0.0' }

Windows and Macs?

If you want info about Windows or Mac releases, you can try the following modules from sindresorhus: or


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