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This is a promise-based Node.js client for the Linode API.

NOTE: This is a work in progress.


As with any NPM package:

npm install linodeius

For use in an application:

const Linode = require('linodeius');
const api = new Linode(api_key);

api.linode.list().then(function(linodes) {
  // Use linodes data.


The API key can be specified in a number of locations:

  • The api_key argument to new Linode().
  • The LINODE_API_KEY environment variable which specifies the key.
  • The LINODE_API_KEY_FILE environment variable which specifies a path to a file containing the key.
  • A .linode-key file in the same directory as this package.
  • A .linode-key file in the user's home directory.

The key used to make an API call is dependent on those factors evaluated in that order of priority.


  • Add support for batch operations via the api_action=batch mode.

License and Copyright

Copyright (C) 2016 Scott Tadman

Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.