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An easy to use Link shortener module.

  • Error handling, in detail explanation for every error that you could have
  • Custom and Unique Link title's are possible to create/add to your shortened link


Run this command in your terminal of your project

npm i link-shortener


.Shorten([URL to shorten], [Optional Title for the shortened link])

The first parameter of this function has to be the URL that you would like to shorten.
If it isn't a valid URL or if you didn't enter a URL, you will see an error show up in the console.

The second parameter of this function can be left empty if you don't want a custom link title, if you want a custom title, you can enter a string as the second parameter.
To check if the title is taken by another user, you have to add a check in your code (example given below).

Example of a custom link title:

Example of a random link title:


const Shortener = require('link-shortener')                                             // Require the module

const result = Shortener.Shorten('', 'Google').then((res) => {    // Using the .Shorten() function

    if (typeof res === 'undefined') {                                                   // Checking if the title entered is taken
        console.log("The requested title is already taken.")
    } else {
        console.log(res)                                                                // If the title is not taken, the link will be logged


We've tested it multiple times for issues, if you do find any issues feel free to create an issue in our github repository.

Support me!

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