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Runs a benchmark with a time limit.


var counter = 0
  1000,     //Run for 1000 ms 
  100,      //Do 100 warm up iterations 
  function() {
    ++counter   //Just increment a counter 


npm install limit-bench

require("limit-bench")(time_limit, warmup, task)

Benchmarks task by running it for about time_limit milliseconds.

  • time_limit: The number of milliseconds to run task for (rounds up to nearest task count)
  • warmup: The number of warm up iterations to run the task
  • task: A function to benchmark

Returns The average time per task in milliseconds

Why use this benchmark tool instead of one of the million others?

Because it lets you put time limits on the tasks. This means that you can avoid spinning forever if you are comparing a slow implementation to some relatively much faster implementation.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License