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LightStore CLI

Command line interface for LightStore.


npm install -g lightstore-cli


lightstore [] [JavaScript expression]

The LightStore CLI gives you a prompt-based interface where you can run JavaScript expressions as it were a Node prompt. Alternatively, you can specify a file name and expression up front, and have only that ran by the LightStore engine.

LightStore gives you the following globals (apart from the regular JS and Node globals):

  • ls: Reference to the query API. Instance of lightstore.PersistedTree, which inherits from sntls.Tree.
  • open(): Opens a datastore file for read/write. You can check the current file name via ls.file.
  • exit(): Shorthand for exiting the CLI. Calls process.exit().


Fetches datastore contents, dumps them to stdout and exits

$ lightstore test.js 'ls.items'

Sets a value in the datastore

$ lightstore test.js
> ls.setNode('foo>bar'.toPath(), "hello")
> ls.items
  "foo": {
    "bar": "hello"

Queries paths grouped by employee last names and saves the resulting data set to file in LightStore format. Illustrates how LightStore allows all transformations available through sntls.

$ lightstore
> ls.queryPathValuePairsAsHash('|>firstName'.toQuery())