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Lighthouse Batch Reporter

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Supports executing Lighthouse analysis over a number of sites in sequence and generating a summary report including all of their scores. Scores are calculated from the average score between PWA, Performance, Accessibility and Best Practice sections.

Also writes out the full json report for each site and optionally an html report too.


Install globally

npm install lighthouse-batch -g

Example usage

lighthouse-batch -s,

This will generate the following files under the /report/lighthouse folder. // Full results for   // Full results from
summary.json              // Summary of results with scores out of 100  

If you also want html reports include the --html option. // Full html results for   // Full html results for

All options

lighthouse-batch [options]


  -h, --help             output usage information
  -V, --version          output the version number
  -s, --sites <sites>    a comma delimited list of site urls to analyze with Lighthouse
  -p, --params <params>  extra paramaters to pass to lighthouse cli for each execution e.g. -p "--perf --quiet"
  -h, --html             generate an html report alongside the json report
  -o, --out [out]        the output folder to place reports, defaults to './report/lighthouse'
  -g, --use-global       use a global lighthouse install instead of the dependency version
  -v, --verbose          enable verbose logging