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License Webpack Plugin

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This webpack plugin finds all 3rd party libraries used in a webpack build whose licenses match a given regex, and outputs the licenses for each package in your webpack build directory.


npm install license-webpack-plugin --save-dev


First, import the plugin into your webpack configuration:

var LicenseWebpackPlugin = require('license-webpack-plugin');

The plugin requires you to specify a regular expression for licenses to match under the pattern property.

To use the plugin, simply add it to your webpack config's plugin list.

The below example matches MIT, ISC, and any license starting with BSD. This example will also throw an error and terminate your build if it finds a license containing GPL in it.

new LicenseWebpackPlugin({
  pattern: /^(MIT|ISC|BSD.*)$/,
  unacceptablePattern: /GPL/,
  abortOnUnacceptableLicense: true

Below are all options that can be passed to the plugin:

  • pattern A regular expression of license names to match. The license is read from the license property in package.json for each module used in your webpack output.
  • unacceptablePattern A regular expression of license names that are unacceptable for the build.
  • abortOnUnacceptableLicense Used only in conjunction with the unacceptablePattern option, setting this to true will cause the plugin to throw an error and abort the build if an unacceptable license is found.
  • filename This is the output filename which gets written your webpack build directory. The default is 3rdpartylicenses.txt.
  • includeUndefined whether include packages without license or not. The default is false
  • addLicenseText whether include license text to output file or not. The default is true
  • addUrl whether include url to repository to output file or not. The default is false
  • licenseFilenames A list of license filenames to match, in order of priority. The default is ['LICENSE', '', 'LICENSE.txt', 'license', '', 'license.txt']
  • licenseTemplateDir Directory containing .txt files corresponding to SPDX license identifiers. This directory is referred to when the plugin cannot find a license file per the licenseFilenames property. Typically you would clone the SPDX master files repository and use the resulting directory containing all the various license .txt as the licenseTemplateDir for the plugin.
  • licenseOverrides An object whose keys are module names and values are filenames to use for the license file. Used when you want to override a license file for a particular module.
  • licenseTypeOverrides An object whose keys are module names and values are SPDX license identifier strings (e.g. 'MIT'). Allows you to override the license type for any module.
  • suppressErrors (default: false) Set to true to avoid having the plugin write error messages to the console

If a license file cannot be found and includeUndefined property is set to false, the plugin will write whatever the license property contains in the module's package.json and print an error.