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Asynchronous git bindings for node.js inspired by similar projects node-gitteh and nodegit. Built using libgit2 library and Google's v8/chrome.


Mac OS X/Linux/Unix Install nodegit by cloning source from GitHub.

TODO: Publish to npm

# Install node.js
# Install libgit2, [have a look at issue #1]
$ git clone libnodegit
$ npm install ./libnodegit

Running tests

$ cd libnodegit
$ npm test


$ cd libnodegit
$ npm lint

Freemind map

There is an org-mode file here. Export it to freemind map by M-x org-export-as-freemind in emacs.

Project milestones

Quite incomplete. Preview here


A long boring academic report made strictly for academic purposes, which might not serve as a project introduction for a hacker wanting to use the library. See the test suite for the API.

A quick presentation slides


Have a look at the examples/ folder

Libgit2 version

Tested on a50086d174658914d4d6462afbc83b02825b1f5b

License and legal stuff

MIT it is. You can use the library anyway you want but I'll be happy to get back any code changes you make. Linking back appreciated.