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LibMoonCat javascript library

The library libmooncat.js contains helper functions for MoonCat Developers. It is designed for use in the browser or nodejs.

All functions are available in the LibMoonCat object.

You can download the latest javascript build here

You can install the latest npm package with npm install libmooncat


There are two variants of the library, both share the same API. The difference is in how much data is embedded in the javascript file.

  • libmooncat.js contains all data

  • libmooncat-limited.js excludes certain data: (impacts output from getTraits)

    • limited group data - only group ids (e.g. litterId) are available
    • no rescuer addresses


boolean - true if using limited version of the library


object - contains addresses and JSON abis of deployed MoonCat Contract



Takes a rescueOrder as a string or an integer, or a catId string and returns a well-formed catId string if possible, or null if not

parseCatId(integer rescueOrder | string rescueOrder | string catId)


Takes a rescueOrder integer and returns a MoonCat's catId hex

getCatId(int rescueOrder)


Takes a catId and returns the MoonCat's rescueOrder (if applicable)

getRescueOrder(string catId)


Takes a resultType and a catId or rescueOrder and returns a traits object

getTraits(string resultType, string catId || int rescueOrder)

available resultTypes are:

"basic" - basic MoonCat traits
"extended" - basic MoonCat traits with additional type and grouping data
"erc721" - ERC721 style traits

If the inputs are invalid it will return an object like:

    "classification": "invalid"
    "reason": ...


Takes a hex MoonCatId catId, an optional array of accessories, and an optional options object. Returns a PNG Data URI

generateImage(string catId, array accessories, object options)

Each accessory in the accessories array should be an object with the properties:

    idat: string the idat image data
    palettes: array of palettes (palette is an array of integer palette indexes)
    zIndex: integer layer distance from cat (+/- determined by background metadata)
    positions: 4 el array of 2 el arrays with x&y offsets for each position
    width: integer width of the accessory
    height: integer height of the accessory
    meta: integer metadata of the accessory

    glow: (optional) boolean when set, draw glow where applicable (default:true)
    paletteIndex: (optional) integer palette index to use (default: 0)
    background: (optional) boolean overrides meta attribute
    mirrorPlacement: (optional) boolean overrides meta attribute
    mirrorAccessory: (optional) boolean overrides meta attribute


The available properties for the options object are:

    scale: integer number of drawn pixels per accessory pixel (default: 1)
    padding: integer number of pixels to pad the drawn image (default: 3 * scale)
    backgroundColor: string background fill (default: transparent)
    fullSize: boolean, when set draws full 128x128 image instead of minimum bounding image (default: false)
    noCat: boolean, when true cat image is not included in output
    headOnly: boolean, when true only draw the mooncat head (experimental)"
    glowSize: (optional) integer size of glow (default: 20)
    glowOpacity: (optional) float 0.0 - 1.0 opacity of glow (default: 0.80)

Note: a cat-id is required even if the noCat option is true because the cat-id is used to derive the palette


same as generateImage but returns an onbject with the keys:

    img: the base64 encoded image
    width: width in pixels
    height: height in pixels


Takes a single byte unsigned integer representing accessory metadata and returns an object.

parseAccessoryMeta(uint8 meta)

The properties on the return object are:

    verified: boolean
    reserved: integer (reserved for future use)
    audience: integer audience appropriateness
    audienceString: string representation of audience value
    mirrorPlacement: boolean, indicates if accessory placement should be mirrored
    mirrorAccessory: boolean, indicates if accessory pixel data should be mirrored
    background: boolean, indicates if accessory should be drawn behind the MoonCat


Takes an attributes object and return a hex MoonCatId

generateMoonCatId(object attributes)

The attributes map accepts the following keys:

    hue: -2 <= integer < 360 | string colorName (e.g. "chartreuse")
    expression: "smiling" | "grumpy" | "pouting" | "shy"
    pattern: "pure" | "tabby" | "spotted" | "tortie"
    pose: "standing" | "sleeping" | "pouncing" | "stalking"
    facing: "left" | "right"
    pale: boolean

Any missing keys in the attributes map will use the first option listed above


Takes an optional object of constraints and generates a random valid MoonCatId

randomMoonCatId() | randomMoonCatId(object constraints)

A the values of a constraint object are arrays of restrictions. Any missing key is unrestricted.

recognized keys:

    hues: [color names &| -2 <= integer < 360]
    expressions: ["smiling" &| "grumpy" &| "pouting" &| "shy"]
    patterns: ["pure" &| "tabby" &| "spotted" &| "tortie"]
    poses: ["standing" &| "sleeping" &| "pouncing" &| "stalking"]
    facings: ["left" &| "right"]
    pales: [true &| false]


Takes an integer rescueOrder and returns that MoonCat's hex id (or null if the rescueOrder is out of bounds

getMoonCatIdByRescueOrder(integer rescueOrder)


Returns an array of the full MoonCatAccessories palette for a supplied MoonCatId

fullPalette(string catId)

Each entry in the array is an object with the properties:

    id: integer palette index (should match array index)
    title: string human readable color name
    html: string in the form "rgba(r,g,b,a)"
    rgba: array of byte values in the form [r, g, b, a] where all values are between 0 & 255 inclusive


Takes an array of rescueOrder integer and returns an array of 100 hex-encoded bytes32 values representing an eligible list

**Note: Eligible list will not be active by default, to activate it you must use the result from calling the activateEligibleList. If you are submitting an accessory to the smart contract with an eligibleList, the contract itself will activate it

rescueOrdersToEligibleList(array rescueOrders)


Takes an eligible list (array of 100 hex-encoded bytes32 values) and return an array of rescueOrders

eligibleListToRescueOrders(array eligibleList)


Sets the active bit on an eligibleList

activateEligibleList(array eligibleList)


Clears the active bit on an eligibleList

deactivateEligibleList(array eligibleList)


Takes an eligible list (array of 100 hex-encoded bytes32 values) and returns an array of rescueOrders

isEligibleListActive(array eligibleList)


Takes an eligible list (array of 100 hex-encoded bytes32 values) and a rescueOrder and returns a boolean Note: If the eligible list is not active, it will return true for any rescueOrder

isEligible(array eligibleList, integer rescueOrder)


Takes one or multiple filter objects and returns an array of rescueOrders. If multiple filter objects are supplied, the results will be combined as though with or

filterRescueOrders(object filter... filters)

Each filter object can specify multiple criteria that the MoonCat must meet. The available properties (criteria) are:

    id: fn(string cat-id) | string | array of strings
    hue: fn(float hue)
    order: fn(integer rescue-order) | integer | array of rescue orders
    vintage: integer | array of integers
    genesis: boolean
    pale: boolean
    facing: "left" | "right"
    expression: "smiling" | "grumpy" | "pouting" | "shy" | array of expressions
    pattern: "pure" | "tabby" | "spotted" | "tortie" | array of patterns
    pose: "standing" | "sleeping" | "pouncing" | "stalking" | array of poses
    color: "red" | "orange" | "yellow" | "chartreuse" | "green" | ... | "fuchsia" | array of colors

If a filter critera is an array, any value in the array is considered valid.

Experimental Blockchain Querying


Takes an ethereum node rpcURL and a catId or rescueOrder and returns a promise which resolves to a contract details object

getContractDetails(string rpcURL, string catId | integer rescueOrder)

the contract details object will have the form

    catId: string catId
    catName: string | null
    isAcclimated: boolean
    owner: string address
    rescueOrder: integer
    contract: {
                  address: string address
                  description: string
                  tokenId: integer | null
                  capabilities: array of strings | null
                  warning: string | null}


Takes an ethereum node rpcURL and a catId or rescueOrder and returns a promise which resolves to a boolean

isAcclimated(string rpcURL, string catId | integer rescueOrder)


Takes an ethereum node rpcURL and returns a promise which resolves to a STRING form of the integer total number of accessories in the smart contract

totalAccessories(string rpcURL)


Takes an ethereum node rpcURL and returns a promise which resolves to an object containing the following keys:

    "totalSupply": integer
    "availableSupply": integer
    "name": string
    "manager": address
    "priceWei": string
    "priceEth": string
    "available": boolean
    "availablePalettes": integer
    "palettes": vec of palettes
    "positions": vec of positions
    "meta": integer
    "width": integer
    "height": integer
    "idat": string
    "eligibleList": vector of 100 bytes32s"

getAccessory(string rpcURL, integer accessoryId)


Fetches the total number of accessories managed by an address

getTotalManagedAccessories(string rpcURL, string manager-address)


Fetches the total number of accessories managed by an address

getManagedAccessoryIdByIndex(string rpcURL, string manager-address, integer index)


Fetches the number of accessories owned by the MoonCat

totalMoonCatAccessories(string rpcURL, integer rescueOrder)


Fetches the MoonCat's owned accessory data

getMoonCatAccessory(string rpcURL, integer rescueOrder, integer ownedAccessoryIndex)

    accessoryId: string (integer)
    paletteIndex: integer
    zIndex: integer


Fetches the MoonCat's owned accessory data as well as the image data of the accessory

getDrawableMoonCatAccessory(string rpcURL, integer rescueOrder, integer ownedAccessoryIndex)

    accessoryId: string (integer)
    paletteIndex: integer
    zIndex: integer
    positions: vector of positions
    palettes: vector of palettes
    meta: integer
    width: integer
    height: integer
    idat: idat hex-string


Gets static data associated with a lootprint if it exists (the lootprintId is the same as its associated MoonCat rescue order)

getLootprint(integer lootprintId)


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