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A Level Up Addon that Implements iterator syntax over a stream.


A Level Up module that Implements iterator syntax over a stream. If you want to treat a level up db like a lazy stream. This module is for you. I currently efficient on demand I/O

It supports some useful methods that are more similar to file system I/O like (seek & hasNext) Which may make it a drop in replacement for code bases that use file I/O module with those methods.

The choice to use a Stream Iterator rather than .pause and .resume methods is a personal choice.

As with all streams, this module does not currently support going backwards. However you can seek forward. I like this feature and it arose out of the abstraction of the stream.

Refer To Tests for code examples.


var LevelIterator = require('level-stream-iterator')
// Instantiate with stream opts and db 
var db = levelup('./mydb')
var streamOpts = {}
var iter = new LevelIterator(streamOpts, db)
//Instantiate with just db 
var db = levelup('./myd')
var iter = new LevelIterator(db)

All data functions call the callback with ( err , result )

All boolean function call the callback with ( result )

Seek calls the callback with true but getting the value is not necessary.

Gets the next item in the stream. Waits for readable event if no items current available, and stream has not ended

Return true if there is another item. Can be achieved just by using next and checking if response === undefined

@param i : How many items forward to seek

Seeks forward *i items

@param i : How many items to read

Returns *i items from the stream

Synchronous API