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A Level Up module that Implements iterator syntax over a stream. If you want to treat a level up db like a lazy stream. This module is for you. I currently efficient on demand I/O

It supports some useful methods that are more similar to file system I/O like (seek & hasNext) Which may make it a drop in replacement for code bases that use file I/O module with those methods.

The choice to use a Stream Iterator rather than .pause and .resume methods is a personal choice.

As with all streams, this module does not currently support going backwards. However you can seek forward. I like this feature and it arose out of the abstraction of the stream.

Refer To Tests for code examples.


Instantiate with

var LevelIterator = require('level-stream-iterator')
// Instantiate with stream opts and db 
var db = levelup('./mydb')
var streamOpts = {}
var iter = new LevelIterator(streamOpts, db)
//Instantiate with just db 
var db = levelup('./myd')
var iter = new LevelIterator(db)

All data functions call the callback with ( err , result )

All boolean function call the callback with ( result )

Seek calls the callback with true but getting the value is not necessary.

next | function ( cb )

Gets the next item in the stream. Waits for readable event if no items current available, and stream has not ended

hasNext | function ( cb )

Return true if there is another item. Can be achieved just by using next and checking if response === undefined

seek | function ( i, cb )

@param i : How many items forward to seek

Seeks forward *i items

read | function ( i, cb )

@param i : How many items to read

Returns *i items from the stream

Synchronous API

hasNextSync | function()

seekSync | function()