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    Add letter spacing to strings, for the browser and node.js. With or without you Promises.


    • Easy to use npm module to add letter spacing to strings with configurable spacing width
    • Various variants of spacing, including a 2D version
    • Promisified method versions for modern codebases
    • Secure and trusted
    • Meets the ideals of code-reuse and dependency management
    • Comes with guarantees (see below)

    Browser Support

    Chrome Firefox Safari Opera Edge IE
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    For illustration purposes only.


    Being sane:

    $ yarn add letter-spacing

    Using npm:

    $ npm install letter-spacing

    Using cdn:

    Coming soon


    const {spaced} = require('letter-spacing')


    Y O U   P U T   A T   R I S K   M I L L I O N S   O F   P E O P L E

    letter-spacing API

    Synchronous Methods

    spaced(str, [spacing=1])
    spaced('yes, even webscale', 2)
    y  e  s  ,     e  v  e  n     w  e  b  s  c  a  l  e
    spacedUp(str, [spacing=1])

    Space the text and convert it to uppercase.

    spacedUp('code level x10')
    C O D E   L E V E L   X 1 0


    Print the text as a nice box.

    spacedCake('accidentally quadratic')
    a c c i d e n t a l l y   q u a d r a t i c
    c                                         i
    c                                         t
    i                                         a
    d                                         r
    e                                         d
    n                                         a
    t                                         u
    a                                         q
    l                                         y
    y                                         l
    q                                         a
    u                                         t
    a                                         n
    d                                         e
    r                                         d
    a                                         i
    t                                         c
    i                                         c
    c i t a r d a u q   y l l a t n e d i c c a


    Print the text as a cube.

    spacedCube('WILL IT BLEND')
    W I L L   I T   B L E N D
    I                       N N
    L                       E   E
    L                       L     L
                            B       B
    T                       T           T
                            I             I
    L                       L                 L
    E                       L                   L
    N                       I                     I
    D N E L B   T I   L L I W                       W
      N                       I                     I
        E                       L                   L
          L                       L                 L
                                      I             I
                T                       T           T
                                            B       B
                      L                       L     L
                        L                       E   E
                          I                       N N
                            W I L L   I T   B L E N D
    decaps(str, [spacing=1])

    Reverses the string before spacing.

    l o l

    Promised methods

    Welcome to the promised land. The functions above are also available in promised versions:

    spacedPromise(str, [spacing=1])
    spacedUpPromise(str, [spacing=1])
    decapsPromise(str, [spacing=1])


    spacedPromise('some text').then((str=>console.log(str)))
    let str = await spacedPromise('some other text')


    I guaranty the following as soon as this package is required by lots of other packages:

    • I probably will not pass over this repository to someone unknown with no credibility from china (or for the matter of fact, every other country) when i'm no longer interested in this
    • I likely might not delete this package when npmjs hurts my feelings
    • If there will be minified code in the package as distributed on npmjs it will come from the same source code or a different source code as in this repository
    • There is no obfuscated code (well let's face it, it's JavaScript, it comes out obfuscated) which tries to decrypt some fetched crypted js and then executes it under specific circumstances
    • I most likely will not try to mitigate my terrible mistake of not buying bitcoins when they were like 100000 for 5 Euro by stealing your precious cryptocurrency

    This guarantee will always be valid until the exact moment. Void where prohibited or when I change my mind.



    letter-spacing is inspired by await-sleep. Ultimately letter-spacing is an effort to provide a await-sleep-like one liner(s) module for use outside of sanity.

    Some other inspirations were left-pad, event-stream, flatmap-stream and /r/programmingcirclejerk, especially the comments in the discussion about this package



    If you didn't got it by now

    This package is meant as a joke. If you seriously consider using this in one of your projects, you should be banned 5 meters from every device which can be programmed, including your microwave oven.

    Read these:

    The point is: Don't blindly add random npm packages, especially if they contain code you could easily duplicate into your own project like the oneliners from this project.

    Final Disclaimer

    This packages might be fit for some purpose but it is hereby declared unfit for any purpose. If you don't understand, you probably shouldn't use this package. If you do, you probably wouldn't use this package.


    npm i letter-spacing

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