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Ledger is an event based NodeJS module used for logging events to stdout, files or MongoDB.

Ledger overwrites console.log console.warn and console.error to allow all output to be either colorized or outputted to a file or a MongoDB server.


npm install ledger


//this will output to stdout/stderr
//ledger.log and MongoDB listening at
var ledger = (require('ledger')({
    logFile: 'ledger.log',
    logDb: true,

ledger.on('log::error', function(time, msg){
    //do something special with errors

ledger.on('log::*', function(time, msg){
    //log catchall



useColor: Boolean //whether to colorize stdout/stderr, Default: true
separator: String //separator used when building messages, Default: ' > '
timeFormatter: Function(date) //function used when formatting Date object to a string, Default: function(date){ return date.toString(); }

logStdout: Boolean //whether or not to print to stdout/stderr, Default: true
logFile: String //file to log all messages to, Default: false
logDb: Boolean //whether or not to log to a MongoDB server, Default: false

dbHost: String //host of MongoDB server, Default: ''
dbPort: String //port that MongoDB server is listengin on, Default: '27017'
dbName: String //name of MongoDB database, Default: 'ledger'
dbCollection: String //name of collection to store messages in, Default: 'log'
dbUser: String //username to use when connecting to MongoDB server, Default: false
dbPass: String //password used to connect to MongoDB server, Default: false


log(msg) //mapped to console.log
info(msg) //mapped to
warn(msg) //mapped to console.warn
error(msg) //mapped to console.error
now() //get the current time using timeFormatter setting


log::log: (time, msg) //event that gets called after a call to console.log
log::info: (time, msg) //event that gets called after a call to
log::warn: (time, msg) //event that gets called after a call to console.warn
log::error: (time, msg) //event that gets called after a call to console.error