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Easily create flash cards for learning anything


Learn Cards is a simple module which allows you to host a web server of custom defined flash cards.

Simply install learncards and provide a simple json file defining all of the questions and answers for the flash cards.

Why did I pick a stupid name like learncards? Because someone already took the name flashcard in npm and using flashcards seems confusing. So in come my limited creativity when it comes to naming projects.

git clone git://
cd ./learncards
npm install
./bin/learncards my_flashcards.json
npm install -g learncards
learncards my_flashcards.json

A Flashcard json file MUST contain a cards property where each card is an object which MUST contain a question and answer property.

An optional top level property of title can be provided which sets the title in the html site accordingly.

  "title": "My Flashcards",
  "cards": {
      "question": "Who is the greatest?",
      "answer": "Brett Langdon"
      "question": "Who is terrible at naming projects?",
      "answer": "Brett Langdon"

There is a binary file included with the installation learncards. If learncards is installed globally then the command should be available. Otherwise you can run the binary directly from the learncards directory.

When running you must provide the location of the flashcards json file.

learncards my_flashcards.json

Then simple navigate to to practice your flashcards.

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