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Interact with the Arduino using the Leap Motion

How to

  1. Grab an Arduino ( and a Leap Motion (
  2. Connect the desired components to your Arduino, to the pins specified in the code
  3. Install modules
  4. Connect Arduino and Leap to your computer
  5. Upload Firmata to Arduino
  6. Run Node
  7. Make money


What components are currently supported?

Servo only as of now

Will you add support for more components?

Sure! In the coming future, I'll keep it in mind

Can I upgrade LeapJS to 0.3?

No, leave it at 0.2.2, 0.3 is in beta and breaks the current code

Does it work beautifully and perfectly?

Nope, sorry! This was just something I hacked together in an hour

Does money grow on trees?

Yes :)