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    Leaflet Geometry Management

    A Leaflet Plugin For Creating And Editing Geometry Layers in Leaflet 1.0.
    Draw, Edit, Drag, Cut and Snap Features.

    In the name "" the "pm" stands for Polygon Management. At the time, this plugin only supported polygons. Now you can edit Markers, Polylines, Polygons, Circles, Rectangles, LayerGroups, GeoJSON, MultiPolygons, MultiLineStrings and more are coming.

    Demo (click here)

    snap at drag

    Why another geometry editing plugin?

    As leaflet.draw development seemed to came to a halt and I needed support for leaflet 1.0 I created this plugin myself due to a lack of alternatives.
    As we are always using the latest leaflet version in a big production app, I will (have to) keep this plugin constantly developed.

    Getting Started

    Install via npm

    npm install --save

    Install Manually

    Download and and include them in your project.

    Include via CDN


    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />


    <script src=""></script>

    Include as ES6 Module

    import '';
    import '';

    Include as CommonJS Module



    Init Leaflet.PM

    Just include right after Leaflet. It initializes itself. If you want certain layers to be ignored by, pass pmIgnore: true to their options when creating them. Example:

    L.marker([51.50915, -0.096112], { pmIgnore: true }).addTo(map);
    Leaflet.PM Toolbar

    This plugin comes with an optional toolbar to give you buttons to use the various features.

    // define toolbar options
    var options = {
        position: 'topleft', // toolbar position, options are 'topleft', 'topright', 'bottomleft', 'bottomright'
        drawMarker: true, // adds button to draw markers
        drawPolyline: true, // adds button to draw a polyline
        drawRectangle: true, // adds button to draw a rectangle
        drawPolygon: true, // adds button to draw a polygon
        drawCircle: true, // adds button to draw a cricle
        cutPolygon: true, // adds button to cut a hole in a polygon
        editMode: true, // adds button to toggle edit mode for all layers
        removalMode: true, // adds a button to remove layers
    // add controls to the map;

    If no options are passed, all buttons will be shown.

    If you are wondering how e.g. the drawPolygon button will enable drawing mode with specific options, here it is: Simply enable drawing mode programatically, pass it your options and disable it again. The options will persist, even when the mode is enabled/disabled via the toolbar.


    // make markers not snappable during marker draw'Marker', { snappable: false });'Marker');
    // let polygons finish their shape on double click'Poly', { finishOn: 'dblclick' });'Poly');

    All available options are specified in the Drawing Mode Section below

    Drawing Mode

    Use Drawing Mode on a map like this

    // optional options for line style during draw. These are the defaults
    var options = {
        // snapping
        snappable: true,
        snapDistance: 20,
        // self intersection
        allowSelfIntersection: true,
        // the lines between coordinates/markers
        templineStyle: {
            color: 'red',
        // the line from the last marker to the mouse cursor
        hintlineStyle: {
            color: 'red',
            dashArray: [5, 5],
        // show a marker at the cursor
        cursorMarker: false,
        // finish drawing on double click
        // DEPRECATED: use finishOn: 'dblclick' instead
        finishOnDoubleClick: false,
        // specify type of layer event to finish the drawn shape
        // example events: 'mouseout', 'dblclick', 'contextmenu'
        // List:
        finishOn: 'contextmenu',
        // custom marker style (only for Marker draw)
        markerStyle: {
            opacity: 0.5,
            draggable: true,
    // enable drawing mode for shape - e.g. Poly, Line, etc'Poly', options);'Rectangle', options);'Line', options);'Marker', options);'Circle', options);
    // get array of all available shapes;
    // listen to when drawing mode gets enabled
    map.on('pm:drawstart', function(e) {
        e.shape; // the name of the shape being drawn (i.e. 'Circle')
        e.workingLayer; // the leaflet layer displayed while drawing
    // disable drawing mode'Poly');
    // listen to when drawing mode gets disabled
    map.on('pm:drawend', function(e) {
        e.shape; // the name of the shape being drawn (i.e. 'Circle')
    // listen to when a new layer is created
    map.on('pm:create', function(e) {
        e.shape; // the name of the shape being drawn (i.e. 'Circle')
        e.layer; // the leaflet layer created
    // listen to vertexes being added to the workingLayer (works only on polylines & polygons)
    map.on('pm:drawstart', function(e) {
        var layer = e.workingLayer;
        layer.on('pm:vertexadded', function(e) {
            // e includes the new vertex, it's marker
            // the index in the coordinates array
            // the working layer and shape
        // check self intersection;
    // listen to the center of a circle being added
    map.on('pm:drawstart', function(e) {
        var circle = e.workingLayer;
        // this fires only for circles
        circle.on('pm:centerplaced', function(e) {
    // listen to when the center of a circle is moved
    map.on('pm:create', function(e) {
        var circle = e.layer;
        // this fires only for circles
        circle.on('pm:centerplaced', function(e) {
    Creating Holes or Cutting a Polygon

    cut polygon Enable drawing for the shape "Cut" to draw a polygon that gets subtracted from all underlying polygons. This way you can create holes, cut polygons in half or remove parts of it.

    Important: the cutted layer will be replaced, not updated. Listen to the pm:cut event to update your layer references in your code. The pm:cut event will provide you with the old/removed/cut layer and returns the resulting layer(s) that is/are added to the map.

    // recommended options (used when enabled via toolbar)
    var options = { snappable: false, cursorMarker: false };
    // enable cutting;
    // disable cutting;
    // toggle cutting;
    // listen to when a specific layer gets cut
    layer.on('pm:cut', function(e) {});
    // listen to when any layer on the map gets cut
    map.on('pm:cut', function(e) {});
    Edit Mode

    Use Edit Mode for a layer like this:

    var polygonLayer = L.geoJson(data).addTo(map);
    // optional options
    var options = {
        // makes the layer draggable
        draggable: true,
        // makes the vertices snappable to other layers
        // temporarily disable snapping during drag by pressing ALT
        snappable: true,
        // distance in pixels that needs to be undercut to trigger snapping
        // default: 30
        snapDistance: 30,
        // self intersection allowed?
        allowSelfIntersection: true,
        // disable the removal of markers/vertexes via right click
        preventMarkerRemoval: false,
        // disable the possibility to edit vertexes
        preventVertexEdit: false,
    // enable edit mode;;
    // disable edit mode;
    // toggle edit mode;
    // check if edit mode is enabled; // returns true/false
    // listen to changes
    polygonLayer.on('pm:edit', function(e) {});
    polygonLayer.on('pm:dragstart', function(e) {});
    polygonLayer.on('pm:drag', function(e) {});
    polygonLayer.on('pm:dragend', function(e) {});
    // listen to when vertexes are being added or removed from the layer
    polygonLayer.on('pm:vertexadded', function(e) {});
    polygonLayer.on('pm:vertexremoved', function(e) {});
    // listen to when a marker of a polygon-vertex is being dragged
    polygonLayer.on('pm:markerdragstart', function(e) {
        // the property e.ringIndex refers to the coordinate ring inside the polygon the marker belongs to
        // if it's undefined, there are no rings
        // e.index is the index of the marker inside the coordinate ring / array it belongs to
    polygonLayer.on('pm:markerdragend', function(e) {});
    // listen to when snapping occurs
    // pm:snap and pm:unsnap are, in addition to the layer, also fired on the markers of the polygon
    // if you'd need it for some advanced behaviour
    polygonLayer.on('pm:snap', function(e) {});
    polygonLayer.on('pm:unsnap', function(e) {});
    // if allowSelfIntersection is false: listen to when a self-intersection is detected
    // e.intersection includes a geoJSON of the intersection
    polygonLayer.on('pm:intersect', function(e) {});
    // toggle global edit mode (edit mode for all layers on the map);
    // listen to when global edit mode is toggled
    map.on('pm:globaleditmodetoggled', function(e) {});
    // check self intersection; // true/false
    Removal Mode
    // toggle global removal mode;
    // listen to removal of layers that are NOT ignored and NOT helpers by
    map.on('pm:remove', function(e) {});

    Customize Style

    In order to change the style of the lines during draw, pass these options to the enableDraw() function.

    // optional options for line style during draw. These are the defaults
    var options = {
        // the lines between coordinates/markers
        templineStyle: {
            color: 'red',
        // the line from the last marker to the mouse cursor
        hintlineStyle: {
            color: 'red',
            dashArray: [5, 5],
    // enable drawing mode for shape - e.g. Poly, Line, Circle, etc'Poly', options);

    To customize the style of the drawn layer with leaflet options, you can either pass the options to enableDraw:

    // optional options for line style during draw. These are the defaults
    var options = {
        templineStyle: {},
        hintlineStyle: {},
        pathOptions: {
            // add leaflet options for polylines/polygons
            color: 'orange',
            fillColor: 'green',
    // enable drawing mode for shape - e.g. Poly or Line'Poly', options);

    or set the options generally:{
        color: 'orange',
        fillColor: 'green',
        fillOpacity: 0.4,

    Feature Request

    I'm adopting the Issue Management of lodash which means, feature requests get the "Feature Request" Label and then get closed. You can upvote to existing feature requests (or create new ones). Upvotes make me see how much a feature is requested and prioritize their implementation. Please see the existing Feature Requests here and upvote if you want them to be implemented.


    As I never built a leaflet plugin before, I looked heavily into the code of leaflet.draw to find out how to do stuff. So don't be surprised to see some familiar code.

    The icons used for the toolbar are CC-BY Glyphicons.

    I also took a hard look at the great L.GeometryUtil for some of my helper functions.


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