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Leaflet Control Search

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A Leaflet control that search markers/features location by custom property.
Support ajax/jsonp autocompletion and JSON data filter/remapping.

Licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright Stefano Cudini

Tested in Leaflet 0.7.x and 1.3.x



Demo: opengeo.tech/maps/leaflet-search

Source code: Github NPM


npm install --save leaflet-search


Option Default Description
url '' url for search by ajax request, ex: "search.php?q={s}". Can be function to returns string for dynamic parameter setting
layer null layer where search markers(is a L.LayerGroup)
sourceData null function to fill _recordsCache, passed searching text by first param and callback in second
jsonpParam null jsonp param name for search by jsonp service, ex: "callback"
propertyLoc 'loc' field for remapping location, using array: ['latname','lonname'] for select double fields(ex. ['lat','lon'] ) support dotted format: 'prop.subprop.title'
propertyName 'title' property in marker.options(or feature.properties for vector layer) trough filter elements in layer,
formatData null callback for reformat all data from source to indexed data object
filterData null callback for filtering data from text searched, params: textSearch, allRecords
moveToLocation null callback run on location found, params: latlng, title, map
buildTip null function to return row tip html node(or html string), receive text tooltip in first param
container '' container id to insert Search Control
zoom null default zoom level for move to location
minLength 1 minimal text length for autocomplete
initial true search elements only by initial text
casesensitive false search elements in case sensitive text
autoType true complete input with first suggested result and select this filled-in text.
delayType 400 delay while typing for show tooltip
tooltipLimit -1 limit max results to show in tooltip. -1 for no limit, 0 for no results
tipAutoSubmit true auto map panTo when click on tooltip
firstTipSubmit false auto select first result con enter click
autoResize true autoresize on input change
collapsed true collapse search control at startup
autoCollapse false collapse search control after submit(on button or on tips if enabled tipAutoSubmit)
autoCollapseTime 1200 delay for autoclosing alert and collapse after blur
textErr 'Location not found' error message
textCancel 'Cancel title in cancel button
textPlaceholder 'Search' placeholder value
hideMarkerOnCollapse false remove circle and marker on search control collapsed
position 'topleft' position in the map
marker {} custom L.Marker or false for hide
marker.icon false custom L.Icon for maker location or false for hide
marker.animate true animate a circle over location found
marker.circle L.CircleMarker options draw a circle in location found


Event Data Description
'search:locationfound' {latlng, title, layer} fired after moved and show markerLocation
'search:expanded' {} fired after control was expanded
'search:collapsed' {} fired after control was collapsed


Method Arguments Description
setLayer() L.LayerGroup() set layer search at runtime
showAlert() 'Text message' show alert message
searchText() 'Text searched' search text by external code


(require src/leaflet-search.css)

Adding the search control to the map:

var searchLayer = L.layerGroup().addTo(map);
//... adding data in searchLayer ...
map.addControl( new L.Control.Search({layer: searchLayer}) );
//searchLayer is a L.LayerGroup contains searched markers

Short way:

var searchLayer = L.geoJson().addTo(map);
//... adding data in searchLayer ...
L.map('map', { searchControl: {layer: searchLayer} });

AMD module:

require(["leaflet", "leafletSearch"],function(L, LeafletSearch) {

	//... initialize leaflet map and dataLayer ...

	map.addControl( new LeafletSearch({
		layer: dataLayer
	}) );


Therefore the deployment require npm installed in your system.

npm install
npx grunt

Use Cases

This list is intended to be of utility for all developers who are looking web mapping sample code to solve complex problems of integration with other systems using Leaflet Control Search.

Anyone can add the link of your website

(spamming urls will be automatically deleted)



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