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    A simple Leaflet plugin for creating legends with HTML.

    Tested with Leaflet 1.3.x


    From NPM:

    npm install leaflet-html-legend


    Include the CSS:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="L.Control.HtmlLegend.css" />

    Include the JavaScript:

    <script src="L.Control.HtmlLegend.min.js"></script>

    Control Options:

    Option Type Default Description
    position String 'topright' Map position of element
    legend Array - Array of legend entries (see legend options below for details)
    collapseSimple bool false Whether to use compact presentation for legend entries that are from a simple renderer
    detectStreched bool false Test to see if legend entries look stretched (these are usually in sets of 3 with the middle element having no label)
    collapsedOnInit bool false Whether to initialize instance in collapsed mode
    updateOpacity function null If set, this function is used to update opacity of the attached layer (it receives the layer and opacity as arguments)
    defaultOpacity number 1 Default opacity for layers in specified in legends
    removeIcon String 'leaflet-html-legend-icon-remove' css class for the remove icon
    visibleIcon String 'leaflet-html-legend-icon-eye' css class for the visible icon on opacity slider
    hiddenIcon String 'leaflet-html-legend-icon-eye-slash' css class for the hidden icon on opacity slider
    toggleIcon String 'leaflet-html-legend-icon-eye-slash' css class for the icon on visibility toggle button

    Legend Options:

    Option Type Default Description
    name String - Legend label
    layer Leaflet layer - The leafel layer to connect to this legend. The legend can control the layer visiblity via opacity slider, if disableVisibilityControls is set to true
    allowRemove boolean false Whether to add a remove icon that allows removal of the legend from the control
    disableVisibilityControls bool false Whether to add visibility toggle button and opacity slider
    elements Array - Array of elements (see element options below for details)

    Element options:

    Option Type Default Description
    label String - Entry label
    html String - String representaiton of an HTML elemnt that goes into the legend block
    style Object - An object containing css styling of the legend block

    You can use addLegend method to add legends to existing instances of HtmlLegend:

    var htmlLegend = L.control.htmllegend({...});
            name: 'Layer name',
            layer: layerInstance,
            elements: [{
                html: '<div>Legend description</div>'

    An existing entry in a legend control instance can be removed using removeLegend. This method needs id of the entry, which can be obtained from htmllegend._entries (see the example for usage).

    See the example for usage details.



    npm i leaflet-html-legend

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