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A simple leaflet plugin which adds an icon to print or export a map.


  • Supports resizing to prefined sizes (A4 Landscape & Portait) as well as custom sizes
  • Supports saving to png, as well as printing
  • Compatible with both Leaflet v1+ and 0.7
  • Tested on Chrome, Firefox
    • Incompatible with IE & Edge due to dom-to-image dependency

Check out the demo.


You can either download this repo directly or install via NPM.

npm install leaflet-easyprint


You can pass a number of options to the plugin to control various settings.

Option Type Default Description
title string 'Print map' Sets the text which appears as the tooltip of the print/export button
position Leaflet control position 'topleft' Positions the print button
sizeModes array Current Options available include Current, A4Portrait, A4Landscape or a custom size object
defaultSizeTitles object {Current: 'Current Size', A4Landscape: 'A4 Landscape', A4Portrait: 'A4 Portrait'} button tooltips for the default page sizes
exportOnly Boolean false If set to true the map is exported to a png file
tileLayer Leaflet tile layer null A tile layer that you can wait for to draw (helpful when resizing)
tileWait Integer 500 How long to wait for the tiles to draw (helpful when resizing)
filename string 'map' Name of the file if export only option set to true
hidden Boolean false Set to true if you don't want to display the toolbar. Instead you can create your own buttons or fire print events programtically. You still need to call addTo(map) to set the leaflet map context.
hideControlContainer Boolean true Hides the leaflet controls like the zoom buttons and the attribution on the print out.
hideClasses array [] Hides classes on the print out. Use an array of strings as follow : ['div1', 'div2']
customWindowTitle string Defaults to title of map window. A title for the print window which will get added the printed paper.
spinnerBgColor string '#0DC5C1' A valid css colour for the spinner background color.
customSpinnerClass string 'epLoader' A class for a custom css spinner to use while waiting for the print.


    title: 'My awesome print button',
    position: 'bottomright',
    sizeModes: ['A4Portrait', 'A4Landscape']

Methods / Using programmatically

Method Options Description
printMap(size, filename) Print size name, either 'CurrentSize', 'A4Portait', 'A4Landscape', or the className of a custom size. And a filename Manually trigger a print operation
var printPlugin = L.easyPrint({
    hidden: true,
    sizeModes: ['A4Portrait']
printPlugin.printMap('A4Portait', 'MyFileName');

Custom Print Sizes

You can create additional print sizes by passing in some options. Width & Height are defined in pixels at 90DPI. THe css class ought to contain a background base64 encoded svg image.

var a3Size = {
    width: 2339,
    height: 3308,
    className: 'a3CssClass',
    tooltip: 'A custom A3 size'

// in css 
.easyPrintHolder .a3CssClass { 
  background-image: url(data:image/svg+xml;utf8;base64,PD9...go=);


Huge hats off go to mourner and all the contributors to the leaflet.js project, it's an amazing piece of open source software!

Also uses dom-to-image and FileSaver under the hood.



npm i leaflet-easyprint

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