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A simple node.js lib to authenticate against an LDAP server.


var LdapAuth = require('ldapauth');
var options = {
    url: 'ldaps://',
var auth = new LdapAuth(options);
auth.authenticate(username, password, function(err, user) { ... });
auth.close(function(err) { ... })


npm install ldapauth


MIT. See "LICENSE" file.

LdapAuth Config Options

Use the source Luke

express/connect basicAuth example

var connect = require('connect');
var LdapAuth = require('ldapauth');

// Config from a .json or .ini file or whatever.
var config = {
  ldap: {
    url: "ldaps://",
    adminDn: "uid=myadminusername,ou=users,",
    adminPassword: "mypassword",
    searchBase: "ou=users,",
    searchFilter: "(uid={{username}})"

var ldap = new LdapAuth({
  url: config.ldap.url,
  adminDn: config.ldap.adminDn,
  adminPassword: config.ldap.adminPassword,
  searchBase: config.ldap.searchBase,
  searchFilter: config.ldap.searchFilter,
  //log4js: require('log4js'),
  cache: true

var basicAuthMiddleware = connect.basicAuth(function (username, password, callback) {
  ldap.authenticate(username, password, function (err, user) {
    if (err) {
      console.log("LDAP auth error: %s", err);
    callback(err, user)


Check coding style before commit:

make check

To cut a release (tagging, npm publish, etc., see for details):

make cutarelease