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    ** !!! This Module is under development and should not be used in production !!! **

    lb-satellizer integrates 3rd party (facebook, twitter, etc.) authentication for loopback. The purpose of this module is to set up remote methods to authenticate (login), link and unlink with multiple social media providers.

    Supported Providers:


    $npm install lb-satellizer --save $npm install lb-satellizer-facebook --save

    In your server/config.json, add the name of your User model and all provider specific data:

    "satellizer": {
        "userModel": "user",
        "providers": {
          "facebook": {
            "secret": "****"

    Then in your server/boot/authentication.js, or any other bootfile add:

    const loopback = require('loopback');
          satellizer = require('lb-satellizer');
          facebook = require('lb-satellizer-facebook');
          twitter = require('lb-satellizer-twitter');
          satellizerConfig = require('../config.json').satellizer;
    module.exports = function enableAuthentication(server) {
      const providers = [{provider: facebook, name: 'facebook'},
                  {provider: twitter, name: 'twitter'}]
      // Use Satellizer for authetication
      satellizer(server, providers, satellizerConfig, loopback);

    Finally, add the respective properties and acls for the supported remote methods to your User model. (lb-satellizer sets fullname and providername)

    "properties": {
        "fullname": {
          "type": "string"
        "facebook": {
          "type": "number"
        "twitter": {
          "type": "number"
    "acls": [
          "accessType": "EXECUTE",
          "principalType": "ROLE",
          "principalId": "$everyone",
          "permission": "ALLOW",
          "property": "unlink"
          "accessType": "EXECUTE",
          "principalType": "ROLE",
          "principalId": "$everyone",
          "permission": "ALLOW",
          "property": "auth"

    Satellizer Integration:

    To use lb-satellizer with angular satellizer, add the following parameters to your angular config

    .config(['satellizer.config', '$authProvider', function (config, $authProvider) {
        config.unlinkUrl = 'api/users/auth/unlink/';
          url: 'api/users/auth/facebook',
          clientId: 'your_facebook_client_id'
          url: 'api/users/auth/twitter'


    lb-satellizer exposes following routes via remote methods:

    • auth: POST /users/auth/{provider}
    • unlink: GET /users/auth/unlink/{provider}


    2.2.0 :

    • Fixed a major Bug which, in combination with the FB Graph API v2.5, did overwrite random user profiles

    2.0.0 :

    • Upgraded to use ES6 with Node Version 5.5.0
    • Former link method is now merged with User.auth, this means better compatibility with Satellizer. Linking of a provider with an existing user account is now performed if the method is called with a valid accesstoken.
    • Improved Code Documentation

    1.2.1 :

    • Fix major user check Bug that prevented generation of new users
    • Add missing link functionality for oauth

    1.1.0 :

    • Add OAuth1 support (Twitter)
    • Support multiple providers via Array (see setup)
    • Add routes description with supported providers

    Future plans:

    • Add full example with angular satellizer integration and test specs
    • Make it possible to fetch specified profile properties
    • Add support for additional providers
    • Add support for JWT
    • Modfiy/manage routes via config file


    npm i lb-satellizer

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