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Discord bot operating in the House server, servicing over 1,300 members [March 2019]. Written in Node.JS. Currently not available on multiple servers.

This bot has also spawned off LAZYmail, a version of the bot with just the below-mentioned ModMail module. This is in use in the official IBO Discord server and services over 13,800 members [March 2019].


  • Provider: Amazon EC2 Instance
  • Region: eu-west-2a
  • Instance Type: t2.small
  • OS: Windows (for now)
  • Running Cost: £0.28 [November 2018]


  • Election module - runs a fully-automated election system on Discord with no third-party libs that, in order:
    • Allow choosing of customisable settings, such as date, voting system, scope of election, electorate list, various rules such as whether to find and exclude dupe accounts, where to set a minimum threshold on messages, on sponsors required for nominations, on number of elections able to run for (if holding several at the several time), and who the voters are.
    • Allows a 'sponsoring' system to nominate candidates
    • Registers candidates, registers votes (based on members in Discord server)
    • Sends round customisable ballots
    • Receives votes through DM channels (for secret ballots), parses the information, and stores them
    • Counts them and parses results
    • Outputs winners using an 'emoji react' system - when a sufficient number of emojis are pressed, results are revealed
  • Profile module - creates a 'profile' for each Discord user with:
    • Basic administratory information (user ID, date joined and the like from Discord API)
    • Integration with the lichess and API to support account linking
    • Customisable finger notes
    • Count messages sent in the server
    • Ability for moderators to add Trophies to certain users
  • ModMail module - new modmail created from scratch that's intuitive, aesthetic, and easy to use
    • Specifically designed to not rely on a database of messages
    • Allows actions on mods' side: 'close', 'reply anonymously', 'reply', 'warn user', 'timeout user'
    • Supports image attachment
    • Display basic user information
  • Systemised event handler through the router module
    • Handles events generated from the Discord client in an expandable and readable way
  • An effective Parse API that takes data stored in a Discord message and parses it into a useful object that can be interacted with for the purposes of the bot
  • An effective Search-resolvable API where functions using Discord members, channels, servers, roles, and emojis can search for them by ID, tag, username, aliases, or nickname.
  • Permissions system that allows limitations on certain commands to who can use them
  • Linking of Discord account with Lichess and, parsing data from their APIs
    • Parses rating data and automatically updates it, available through !profile
    • Parses other personal information (like name, country) and makes it available through !profile
    • Compares that data in the database with that of other users, for comparison in leaderboards through the command !lb
    • Allows users to use !myrank to display one's ranking compared to all other users for all variants

Other features (src/modules)

  • Custom reactions system with either set phrases, embeds, or emojis
  • Help modules with !commands and individual messages with !help
  • Stores and returns embeds which are editable:
    • Some of which are multiple pages long;
    • Accepts emoji reactions as acceptable inputs to turn pages
  • Backs up data periodically
  • Allows users to change their username colour
  • Extends the native maths library to include:
    • Combinations and permuations
    • Binomial calculations
    • Random generators
  • Reddit API to detect when subreddits are mentioned and provide a link to them
  • Odds generator for betting between any two matches based on percentage change of winning a single game
  • Uses an API from to get, parse, and generate random puzzles from the !puzzle command. Also, displays the daily puzzle from lichess by crawling the lichess puzzle
  • Handles, parses, and generates boards using the API from FENs (Forsyth-Edwards Notation, a format of representing a position on a chess board)
  • Utility functions such as setting bot username, nickname, streaming link and title, bot version
  • As well as basic utility functions such as get ping, uptime, and quote messages
  • As well as developers utility functions such as convert a Discord Embed to raw JSON, convert Discord text to Markdown, output JSONs, output various strings and errors

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