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What is this?

This is a library which can lazy load:

  • Images
  • Videos

There are multiple premade image/video reveal animations after the image/video is loaded. More will be added soon. (Please show your support!)

You can set your own animations if you want as well. Just set the identifier: '.any-class-you-like' and use the onContentLoaded: function(element, url){} callback to perform any action/animation on that element

Also help the development by reporting any bugs. Feel free to contribute to this project. Thanks ❤

Animation Examples

Fade in White Overlay


  • Fast CSS3 animation which uses the GPU
  • Extremely lightweight: Only 7.2kB (1.9kB gzipped)
  • No dependency: It's all Pure javascript


<script src="https://unpkg.com/lazload@1.0.4/src/lazload.js">

And then use it like this:

<img class="laz" data-src='...'>
<video class="laz" data-src='...'></video>

NPM Installation

npm i lazload

And then use it like this:

<img class="laz" data-src='...'>
<video class="laz" data-src='...'></video>
import LazLoad from 'lazload';


Callback Examples

new LazLoad({
  onContentLoaded: (element, url) => {
    console.log("Im loaded: " + url);
    element.style.transform = "rotate(30deg)"; // Any animation you want to perform
new LazLoad({
  onLoadError: (element) => {
    console.log("Error loading: " + element.src);


// These are the Defaults
new LazLoad({
  identifier: ".laz",
  revealAnim: LazLoad.anims.SLIDE_UP_WHITE,
  triggerRadius: 300,
  onContentLoaded: function(element, url){}
  onLoadError: function(element){}
  • identifier: [string] Identify which elements should be parallaxed
  • triggerRadius: [int] [value > 0] How close to the scroll from top should the lazy loading get triggered. The higher the number, the closer it gets to being lazy loaded with scroll.
  • revealAnim: [LazLoad.anims.OPTION_NAME] Possible values:
    • LazLoad.anims.NONE
    • LazLoad.anims.SLIDE_UP_WHITE
    • LazLoad.anims.SLIDE_UP_BLACK
    • LazLoad.anims.SLIDE_UP_CUSTOM_COLOR
  • overlayCustomColor: [color] To use this, revealAnim must be LazLoad.anims.SLIDE_UP_CUSTOM_COLOR
  • onContentLoaded: [function] This callback event is triggered once the lazy-loading content has finished loading
  • onLoadError: [function] This callback event is triggered if content failed to load

Using custom colors for sliding overlay

// MUST! revealAnim: LazLoad.anims.SLIDE_UP_CUSTOM_COLOR
new LazLoad({
  revealAnim: LazLoad.anims.SLIDE_UP_CUSTOM_COLOR,
  overlayCustomColor: "rgb(255, 123, 100)",

Achieve the shown examples gifs effects

/* Use this for the images you want to parallax */
  object-fit: cover; // Fixes image ratio


npm i lazload

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