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track when things were last seen


Track when users/things were last seen using redis.

This library is pretty experimental right now but does actually work, I'm just not sure how much of a good idea it is

Unlike some other "who is online" libraries which you might come across, this library does not expire keys (it can't because of Redis' current design) and is therefore unbounded in terms of memory consumption. If you keep on tracking new ids you will eventually run out of RAM.

This is completely by design, it's meant to track things for very long periods of time.

$ npm install online
var Lastseen = require('lastseen');
var redis = require('redis');
var client = redis.createClient()
var opts = {
  redisKey: 'online' //name for redis key for set 
var lastseen = Lastseen(client, opts);
lastseen.add(someId, function(err){
  //optional callback fired when written to redis 
//Check if a user is known about 
lastseen.find(someId, function(err, result){
  //err if redis failure 
  //result is null for not known, or last seen timestamp for user 

For now read the docblocks in index.js


PRs, issues bugs, comments and general derision are welcome

  • moar tests, the current tests folder has alot of left over stuff from previous APIs
  • functions to remove ranges (remove old entries by number/time)maybe expensive
  • some kind of benchmarking to see what it's any good at