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Lasso.js CLI

This utility provides support for running the Lasso.js from the command-line.


npm install lasso-cli --global


A simple usage that writes out a JavaScript bundle and a CSS bundle to the static/ directory that includes all of the required dependencies is shown below:

lasso foo.js style.css --main main.js --name "my-page"

With additional options:

lasso jquery.js style.less \
    --main "main.js"                      `# Entry point JavaScript module for the browser` \
    --name "my-page"                      `# Give the page bundle files a name` \
    --out static                          `# Output directory` \
    --url-prefix "http://mycdn/static/"   `# URL prefix` \
    --fingerprint                         `# Include fingerprints` \
    --html                                `# Head and body HTML` \
    --minify                              `# Minify JavaScript and CSS` \
    --inject-into index.html              `# Inject HTML markup into a static HTML file` \
    --plugins "lasso-less" "lasso-marko"  `# Install plugins`

Alternatively, you can create a JSON configuration file and use that instead:

lasso --config lasso-config.json

For additional help from the command line, you can run the following command:

lasso --help