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    Laravel Elixir Rollup Integration

    This extension brings Rollup.js support to your Laravel Elixir builds.


    First, ensure that you're using Laravel Elixir v6 or newer. Next, install the extension like so:

    npm install laravel-elixir-rollup-official --save-dev


    You're all set! Open your gulpfile.js, and add:

    elixir(function(mix) {

    This will, by default, compile resources/assets/js/main.js to public/js/main.js. Should you require a non-standard base directory for your source files, begin the path with ./. This instructs Laravel Elixir to omit any default base directories.

    elixir(function(mix) {

    Similarly, if you require a different output directory, provide a file or directory path as the second argument to mix.rollup.

    elixir(function(mix) {
      mix.rollup('main.js', 'public/build/bundle.js');

    Now, you're specifying that you want to compile resources/assets/js/main.js to public/build/bundle.js.

    If providing an array of source files, it might be useful to override the default base directory. If desired, specify a path as the third argument.

    elixir(function(mix) {
      mix.rollup(['main.js', 'other.js'], null, 'app/js');

    With this adjustment, we'll compile app/js/main.js and app/js/other.js.

    Lastly, should you need to override the default Rollup configuration, you may do so by either creating a rollup.config.js file in your project root, or by passing a Rollup config object as the fourth argument to mix.rollup. You can learn more about Rollup config files here.


    npm i laravel-elixir-rollup-homenet

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