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A downloader for landsat metadata with auto update for Elasticsearch or MongoDB.

Docker installation

$ docker run --name updater -e DBURL=mongodb://linktomongo/landsat-api developmentseed/landsat-meta-updater:latest


  • Elastic Search 1.6+ if used with Elastic Search
  • MongoDB if used with MongoDB.


$ npm install


$ npm test


Look at provided examples.

  • Elastic Search
var Updater = require('landsat-meta-updater');
var u = new Updater('landsat', '8', 200);
//Update Elastic Search 
u.updateEs(function(err, msg) {
  if (err) {

The number 200 (bulksize) shows the size of the bulk objects used for elasticsearch/mongodb bulk update.

You can play around with the bulksize to speed up the update process. If null is passed, the updater adds records individually to Elastic Search (not recommended).

Running the updater is an expensive operation for the first time because Elastic Search creates geo-indices for each image's bounding box.

The process is much faster if mongoDb is used.