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Kuzzle Logger Plugin

This plugin is a bridge between Kuzzle and the winston package. It is part of the default plugins provided with Kuzzle.

Currently, three winston transports are supported:

  • stdout (winston Console)
  • file (winston File)
  • syslog (from winston-syslog)


Kuzzle is a ready-to-use, on-premises and scalable backend that enables you to manage your persistent data and be notified in real-time on whatever happens to it. It also provides you with a flexible and powerful user-management system.

How to create a plugin

Please refer to Kuzzle plugin development documentation for more information on how to build you own plugins.

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Compatibility matrix

Kuzzle Version Plugin Version
1.8.x 2.x.x
2.x.x 3.x.x


Each transport can be added and configured by adding it to the services entry.

The content of this section is almost passed as-is to winston related transport constructor.

The only exception is addDate and dateFormat parameters, which are specific to Kuzzle and allow to specify a custom date format using only plain-text configuration, using moment format.

⚠️ Contrary to winston, it is not possible to pass a function to any option.


  "threads": 2,
  "services": {
    "file": {
      "level": "warn",
      "filename": "kuzzle.log",
      "addDate": true,
      "dateFormat": "dddd, MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss a"
    "stdout": {
      "level": "info",
      "addDate": "true"
    "syslog": {
      "protocol": "unix",
      "path": "/dev/log",
      "facility": "local6"

Default configuration

If no configuration is given, this plugin will output logs to the console only, from info level and above.

Transports configuration references

Date formatting

Native winston date related/timestamp configurations are merged during the plugin init for transports that support it.

In other words, timestamp and addDate can be used indifferently for stdout and file transports:

  "services": {
    "stdout": {
      "timestamp": true,
      "dateFormat": "YYYY-MM-DD HH-mm-ss"

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